Does anyone feel the hybridizing is inefficient


Hybridizing frustration


Oh yeah soo inefficient! Blatant forced grinding of epics which don’t spawn = incubator money grab


Find about 2-4 a day, most is 6 :man_shrugging:t2:


Especially now since they increased DNA cost on some Dinos


And exactly what dinosaurs did they increase cost on? Megalosuchus had its megalosaurus put to 200 because it was bugged and require only 50 when it was supposed to require 200. Which other dinosaurs changed?


I saw my first t rex the other day. Max time to get dna, only got 36. All other dna I have on my rex was lucky in incubators. I dont plan to ever get i rex or indo raptor because of the grind. It just aint possible. I cant even get to the level needed for my rex.


Since the I Rex in your example starts off at a level 17 it is actually a good deal… 650 T Rex DNA is needed get T-Rex up from Lev 15 to 17 and cost you 25k coins. I will take an Indominus Rex lev17 over the TRex lev17.