Does anyone have a Brachiosaurus


So after some strike towers I’m getting close. But I know some people had other events. Anyone made it.


I’ve seen some people have made it after this new strike that I haven’t got a chance to do yet.

Plus Canadians. :canada:


i do. it’s not good unless you are in a lower arena


I’m close as well. I’ve heard she will be getting released to the wild next week. I’m not sure if it’s true or not. She was only at apple stores in Canada and I’m not sure if that ended or not. Time well tell.


I just have 15 DNA from a previous tower, but hopefully I will get enough to create her when I hit the new tower later.


I got 70 DNA from previous tower then 70 from this one…just 10 to collect him! (of course Brachio will never appear again :neutral_face: )


Ludia had tweeted 4 days back that Brachiosaurus would be available in the wild this month. So the wait should be short.


Yes, but I need only 10 to create it, so I will never see him again :rofl::rofl:


I have a bronto but not good to use in these tournaments, maybe at the lower levels yea it would be awesome to use and own.