Does anyone have a strategy for the Indoraptor boss?

If anyone knows a strategy to fight it please share. I’ve got an Indoraptor in range but idk any way to fight it

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Dioraja seems to be key. Shield the team, absorb the rampage, hit with resilient moves.

A group attacker like Ardentismaxima to kill the minions and do high damage.

A buffer like Tryo or Irri (don’t know if you can bring one since I haven’t tried it yet).

I don’t think you strictly need a tuora if you have a dio, so maybe Tenontorex for reserve healing?


Got linked this earlier today, works pretty well but if indo crits it can mess things up pretty fast.

sadly I don’t have the teamup to do it

Maybe Tryko, Max, Tuo, and Tryos?

This one might work

I’d refrain from using thor especially that it has two group distracting moves

the strategy works, and thor is the best group shattering guy we have.

The best way ive seen are these

Dioraj, toura, Gemini, trysor

Tryko, maxima, dioraj, toura

Or Gemini, maxima, toura, dioraj

Well thats not really what you need for this just group shielders and resilent creatures and healers since dodge and distraction is prominent. Its just better to no try and rick it especially that group cautious strike is sometimes used round one

But if it works then use it

This raid is the worst. Sometimes the wuerho decides to rampage, and sometimes it decides to shield. And you can’t even plan for it bc it happens after everyone chooses their moves. We got it done but jeez, all that trouble for DNA Ludia will eventually give out for free.

Porcus say hi

We did it multiple times in our alliance with Dior, Tryos, Toura and Tento.

We also did it with this team, Skoola being a little higher would have been easier.

Screenshot_20201028-211610 This works a treat.

OK wow…(10 characters)

It took me and my wife 5 tries today but we had a stroke of luck in the first round that helped set us up for the rest and only one death.

Tuormoloch and Thor are well boosted. We followed one of the above suggestions with dino’s of our levels.

TenRex, Dio, Irri, Thor, we did it by winging it

My strategy:

Used this one yesterday. Was like paint by numbers :slight_smile:

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