Does anyone have all level 30 dinos (at least hybrids)

Is this impossible at the moment, or has someone actually done it. Right now, my highest is a level 29 indom and it takes like a week to get the coins for it.

I believe very few to none do. I know that @koffibun has every creature at a minimum of level 20 and at least 50 level 30s, and more 30s upcoming

@Piere87 had all unique creatures at level 30 at some point.


Yeah, that’s true!

This is my ultimate goal, if the game survives long enough and I play a healthy amount


IDGT : look what they need to mimic a fraction of my power at this game.


Parathops and AndrewT are laughing at me now :rofl:


Those are my two.
I THOUGHT I would have had enough Epic Acro, but noooo.
Guess what I’m darting Saturday? :slight_smile:


At least we have raids as well. I’ll be going hard in the next Arctops pursuits

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Just out of curiosity…. I vividly remember saying my goodbyes to you. Did you start playing again? And if so…. Do you still share gameplay vids :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I learned so much from those back in the days

yeah I came back lol. After the last shuffle I slowly started to work my way back to the game in the form of tourneys mostly. I’ve actually been back in the arena the last few months. I’ll sometimes do streaming in my alliance discord but haven’t really been doing many videos.


Oooh nice! I’m glad you’re back. Any chance I get a glimpse at those? I’m on the Gamepress discord but wouldn’t know where to find them if they’re there

It’s not actually on the big GP discord as that would be a pain to coordinate. I honestly don’t play a ton in the arena and I’m still learning the “correct” way to play some of these creatures.

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Fair enough :see_no_evil: I just love your creativity in gameplay. Really miss that in most gameplay vids. But most importantly you’re back :blush::ok_hand:

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