Does anyone have an indominus raid strat

My alliance needs a strat without the phorus because no has one. Any strats?

There’s this

But this one may turn out to be more difficult to meet the requirements. All except tragod must be lv 20, a 16 tragod would probably still be enough. It does work tho, and It doesn’t have phoru :man_shrugging:

There’s this one too, but I’ve never tried and have no Idea If It works

Hope this helps

This is the best strategy. If you friends request me I will phora for you guys when I can. jeo6669 # 1098

If no one in your alliance has Phoru, join a new alliance. The best thing I ever did in this game was join better alliances…

Theres realy not a good strat without phorasaura… I beat it last night with 2 lvl 20 phors a lvl 20 rajakylo and a lvl 20 indominus… it was a very close raid but we still beat him

This is the one we in Rexsalamanca use as well.
It may be an idea that those who play Suchotater agree in advance who plays which.

These strats can also be found at

The ardonto, indom g2, indom, tragod strat is actually rock solid reliable and a number of turns less than the Phora strat. IMO that makes it a ‘better’ strat. Not only that but new(er) players may not have a Phora lvl 19+ yet, as it’s not exactly an easily farmed dinosaur.

Hmm ill have to try that strat… Ur right phorasaura isnt an easily farmed hybrid