Does anyone have the Tany unique?

I would love to see one, I could probably fuse for it if its worth having. The pteranodon hybrid kind of sucks. Lol

i have the DNA ingredients but i don’t have coins haha
i stole this photo:
looks awesome


Got it earlier


Move set?

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Got it. Love it. Boosted it. Will spend the few weeks in a park trying to level it.


Ooooo, this pleases me. It looks awesome

is it good in battles?

I managed to get to 200/250 in one go but ran out of Pteranodon DNA!

Even got a 50 as last fuse :slight_smile:

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Nice! I ran out of coins, so I’ve got to save them back up.

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So far it is impressing. The delay on the rampage means you have to use it right, but I’m liking it. Even boosted it. Hoping to level it up a bit ASAP.


thanx for the input :slightly_smiling_face:

Death Chicken! :skull:

If they create TRI-brids they could mix Zorion, Erlidom and Dilorach and instead of having a name it could pull a Prince and just have a Skull to represent it lol