Does anyone have this Dino?


Just got some dna for this Dino off an epic incubator I got from a battle.



How is it in battle?



Here’s what he does…


Drat. Late by a minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does decently well, provided it’s not against a Velociraptor. It suffers from having too little HP to make good use out of its Counter-Attack just like all the others of its kind.


Thank you mate! Much help🤗


I had some concav DNA I got from a free incub one time, but never took part in the event. I looked in my non-collected dinos, and he disappeared after the last game update. weird.


Normally dinos that have counter attack will have a shield skill. So if you are able to shield up you can better take advantage of the passive ability


That shield will be your first priority. Set that up asap and keep it going as much as you can.


It’s my top pick for counter-attackers. It’s got the strongest bite, has a 1.5x armour piercing, and shield. HP isn’t great so it won’t survive long, but it’s good to swap out on a faster dino that is low on HP so you can take them out with the counter. I love it when I win the round that way against a cocky velociraptor.


Concavenator is very powerful…I mean, when a lv30 bot use it.

Due to this dino only appeared in event spawn & incubator, I will prefer Majundasuchus more.
It got higher speed than Concavenator, and far more easier to level up.

Yeah, Concavenator got better hp & atk, but Majundasuchus can act faster, also able to cleanse debuff.