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Does Anyone Have Troodon Yet?

I really want one and I’m mad I don’t have one. I want to use an Epic Scent to try, but I want to use it at the right time of day etc. So locations? Rarity of spawn? etc? Anyone?

I really didn’t want to make a thread asking, but I can’t wait any longer.

Local zone 4, only during the day.

Do we have a map of where the local zones are? I mean what’s in them? I have a lot of Baryonyx Gen 2 spawn around me, but I would still like to see a full on chart.

No. You can only tell from spawns

I honestly think that the Troodon is a hoax. I’ve been everywhere and still haven’t found one yet. I live in area 4 and ran an epic scent and a couple of giga scents and still haven’t seen one.

'm in area 4 but dont have it

if you see scolosaurus, you’re in the right place


You’re in a zone 2. Good news is that, if you just start walking in any direction, you have a 50% chance of walking into a zone 4. When you start seeing parasaurs or diplocalus gen 2, then drop an epic scent and you’ll probably get one

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling. I couldn’t get glyptodonts, but then I did that and now they spawn. I got Troodon after 2 epic scents

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If you can’t see the new things in the wild, check their page in the in-game dinodex and see if they’re listed as event exclusives under “Where to Find.” If so, you’ll need to either uninstall/reinstall your game, or possibly just clear cache (that’s what I did and I darted an Andrew and a Glypto fine this evening). They should show as “Specific Zones” in the dinodex and you’ll see them wild.

I did that a couple of days ago. You were right, as soon as I did I was able to see glyptodont everywhere. Took me until today to find andrewsarchus, but I still haven’t been able to find Troodon. Highly frustrating.

Well see it says Dawn/Dusk/Day so I feel as though they want you to do it when most are sleeping. Back when Tyrannosaurus Rex was the thing to get it only primarily spawned WAY early when people were sleep or maybe maybe getting up early to prep to go to work. So take that as you will, but I always thought of it as a slimy tactic to basically give us accessibility, but when we least expect it.

I know. I used 2 epic scents in a row, and my closest zone 4 is a 40 minute walk. I finished my second epic scent, and used a small common to just let me start another, and the first thing in that common scent was a troodon. I was excited and disappointed because of all the ouranosaurus I got

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What do you mean? The odds of it spawning at 9 am central time is the same as 4 pm central time. There is no difference throughout daytime

I just mean that as someone who chased down the good stuff I mean far back before we had all this stuff we have now. Like back in late 2018. It was mainly spawning at times when most would be sleep. I just feel like that’s low. It’s like if I told you “Look. You have a chance of getting a Wonka bar with $5,000 in it” and you go out looking for it, but I come around and shuffle them around town and collect them off the streets here and there, but I only put the ones with the money out when most people can’t or aren’t as likely to search to minimize the amount gained.

I just personally witnessed that. Sure sometimes a Tyrannosaurus Rex would spawn in the afternoon, but you have to understand my frustration as a female living in bad neighborhoods I don’t have any business being out that late just to go grab an extremely rare or desired spawn.

I think that this is why Ludia made epics mostly available during the daylight hours. They have 3 epics out at night, but one is koolasuchus and the others are hybrids. I think it’s really important to get rid of zone nighttime epics to help eliminate this problem. But if you went to a zone 4 and popped an epic scent at high noon, the odds of getting troodon are no different than dinner time

@EllehcimEyanahc are you able to let me into your alliance quickly?

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Very very Hard! The other people win it in the G2 Indo’s incubator the past friday

Instead i find him yo Early in morning :sleeping:

In the 4 Zone