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Does anyone in the library know how to battle?

Or is it all just boosted Thor’s and rats?


I’m not used to that anymore. I’m usually past it all, but made the mistake of dropping. Now I can’t even do that and have fun anymore.

How much more can they wreck this game?


I don’t know; I’ve seen some monstrous rats in the library, but I’ve had some pretty fun games with Daryx and Thyla too!


Not sure about Library. Haven’t been able to break through all the boosted monsters. But Aviary is a lot of thor and DC mixed with monostego (or any ceratopian), as well as a few other boosted monsters.
@EnzoBenzo glad to see another thyla user.


Yes, I like to use it to swap in on an incoming rat, or Thor’s DSR for the lols

You will like my team then

Again love the Thyla swap in to distract a rat and then absolutely destroy it! Yet to try Swap in stun Vs Rat with Smilo as I don’t trust the 66%


Yeah, I am in lower library and have pretty much given up. Too many over-boosted Thor’s and everyone rats it up. I’ll battle if I absolutely need to, but do whatever I can to avoid it now.

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Well, don’t use Draco and Thor only has 2 speed boosts on it and I’m in Library. Not claiming I can battle tho!

Overboosted Thor in Library you say? 19 speed boosts


Unfortunately rategy all but replaced the strategy (not for everyone but many) so this is the result.

Players will even rat you when they have seen your whole team and they are faster and their next attack will win the match.

Welcome to Jurassic Rats Alive.


And Lydia smiled.

If they can’t sell them boosts from the store… They will sell them HC so they can battle to power open incubators for boosts. And… some users do both: purchase all available from the store AND power open incubators. It is a Win Win for Lydia.


I’m in Library and have never used the rat in there. I also benched Thor when Indoraptor was buffed. I call this my Anti-Rat Team because I created it to withstand DracoceRAT-OPs attacks. Of course I suffer against boosted Thors, like in the first two battles I did a few minutes ago where both Thors were boosted level 28s and I either didn’t have my Utarinex available or the Thor was faster.


I’m in Library and I’m the first to admit that I’m crap at battling.

I’ve never used the rat, never used Yoshi, and won’t use Indoraptor gen2. I’m fully aware that makes me something of an idiot, (a bit like a coach leaving his players in the bench), but a game is supposed to be fun. And playing those dinos doesn’t seem like fun to me. Each in its own way is just too op and boosts made them even worse so I won’t use them.

I’ve slowly moved up since the introduction of boosts, but oh my days, it’s been at a snails pace since boosts came in! Totally my own fault but never mind, it’s my choice and I enjoy the game more doing it like this.


yoshi and g2 indo arent horrible when unboosted. I play both unboosted and they get beaten a good bit.


In the long run you’ll be really glad you never used the rat. I did quite a while ago, but got sick of it really quick. It took me a while to relearn how to battle well.

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I’m enjoying playing in Library with my unboosted team. Never used rat and Thor is there cause it’s the highest lvl. Tried few other dinos, but this team works best for me without boosts.


If you don’t have a Dino to slow Indoraptor gen2 you’ve had it, and Yoshi will always beat anything that’s not immune.

I personally feel cautious strike was developed by someone with a serious case of an overactive imagination. As soon as I saw that move, and mutual fury, I thought the hiring team at Ludia must have had to fill a particular quota in the dev unit to comply with some law relating to equality.


At least ig2 can be slowed down. ProceRat does whatever it wants and kills magna and mostly everything… It can just nullify your effects while dodging and using distract and the one attack can do big damage. The only dino I have found to come close to being of use is Dioraj. And you still have to play smart and get rng luck and if it’s super boosted procerat glhf. I’de honestly rather get ratted sometimes.

Thor is a whole different thing though. It can be distracted good. It’s still a pain but it’s nothing compared to real trolling of these epics and common legendary dinos.


It’s a tough decision battling in those arenas…

I dropped to 4000 and use my B Team… it WAY more enjoyable than garbage Aviary.

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Anyone with superiority strike puts hands on indo g2.

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Multiple dinos have superiority strike. If you have a health pool (stegodeus) and another slow move or a strong move after S. T. - indo g2 is done for. It’s not op

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