Does anyone know how to counter a 142 speed monolorhino?

The stats are:
6016 HP
2k damage
142 speed.

I’m looking for viable counters that are not:

142 + speed mortem
140+ speed thor


Sangrado y con thora o mortem golpe de 1.5 e intercambio

Translated From Spanish:

Bleeding and with thora or mortem 1.5 hit and exchange

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Monolorhino is immune to bleed.


a speedier magna might do well in such matchup, can break shield and resist distraction, provided it survives long enough. i.e no swap in
edit: speedier and well boosted in other stats

You’re looking at a lvl 30 4/13/13 Mrhino there.

There are many fully boosted lvl 30 creatures that would beat it.

Gem, Max, possibly Spyx, for instance.

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Gem and ardentis can beat it? Can’t monolorhino just use cunning strike on it or use a shield then cunning strike then swap out? My ardentis can’t take it out. It has a lot of speed resistance so it would be faster after decel

And I have spyx and I can say with 100% certainty it can’t counter monolorhino

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This is my ardentis and my spyx and they can’t take monolorhino out, is there something wrong with my dinos ? Why can’t they take it out?

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Your dentist would need to be boosted faster. I forgot Mrhino has 75% speed res. I made my calculations for 50%. Sorry.

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The max needs to have 125 speed to gain the advantage T2. Even then, it’s a close thing if the max doesn’t crit

Gorgotrebax, hadros lux, tenontorex, even trykosaurus when played well, etc… So many creatures can beat it.

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This max should beat it in 3 if it doesn’t crit. But do the math yourself to make sure first

I struggle with those set ups so my best chance is have all my four creatures work together to take it out. The key is to draw it out early.

How does tryko and tenontorex beat it? Ive used tryko and it used to be able to take out monolorhino before the resilient nerf but it can’t do it anymore. Monolorhino just uses shields or cunning strike to live long enough to swap out. Hadros lux can’t take it out either, monolorhino is immune to vulnerable and it can just use shields to swap out.

Tenontorex needs to keep using resilient strike because the monolorhino just uses cunning strike, and tenontorex can’t crit because of cunning strike. Beating it means taking it out before it swaps out, and it can get another swap in. Its not beaten until its taken out because they can keep cycling in monolorhino doing 2k damage each time.

Will it take out monolorhino before it swaps out though?

Beating it means beating it. If you want to beat it in 2 turns then ask for something that beats it in 2 turns.

Tryko can go strike then impact or rampage depending on your damage it might be enough to beat it in 2 turns. That depends on your damage and if you guessed the opponent moves correctly.

Tenontorex takes 3 or 4 turns (DI, FR, RS or Heal then FR). Gorgotrebax in 3 turns most of the time (CI, GACS then RNR).

Geminititan can beat it in 2 turns if it has enough boosts in damage regardless of speed. Haven’t looked at the maths but pretty sure skoonasaurus as well.

“Geminititan can beat it in 2 turns if it has enough boosts in damage regardless of speed. Haven’t looked at the maths but pretty sure skoonasaurus as well.”

No, a gold damage level 30 Gemini won’t kill it unless you gain priority T2. A skoona does even less damage.

Likewise, a 7/15/8 Ardentismaxima won’t kill it in two turns without a crit on T2 (30% chance). There’s actually no Maxima build that kills it without crits but 18+ damage allows you to crit on either turn (51% chance).

For Gemini you need a minimum of 17 damage, and 8 speed to kill it in two turns. So to summarize…

No Skoona build exists to kill it in 2 turns, even with crits.

No Maxima build exists to kill it without crits.
A 0/18/8 build kills it with a crit on either attack (51% chance)

A 0/17/8 Gemini build kills it every time, no crits needed.

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Adding to this, a trykosaurus L30 0/12/0 can beat monolorhino L30 4/13/13 in 2 turns if it goes RI then DSR if monolorhino opened with CS. Or a trykosaurus L30 0/13/0 if it goes FS then DSR if monolorhino opened with TS. In both cases, it’s assuming there are no critical hits. Not a super reliable counter but it can beat it in 2 turns.

Trykosaurus at level 30 needs at least 4 boosts in health if you want it to survive 2 critical hits from monolorhino in 2 turns.

Funnily enough my monolorhino L29 3/12/14 is fairly close to the discussed build and does fairly OK even though it’s underleveled compared to what I am facing in the arena. 14 boosts in speed ensures you are at 126 speed after being slowed down. That’s not so important now that resilient moves do not slowdown anymore.

Poukan is a decent counter since you can triple distract it. Also the counter is perfect, since it breaks shield.