Does anyone know when the next booster reset is?

Hi guys, does anyone know when the next booster reset is?

Don’t count on one coming anytime soon. I don’t think boost resets are going to be a regular thing in the rotation of events. That’s why you always really have to think about what your boosting.


You need those things first:

1- Ludia nerf a dino that 90% of the players have in their team (Thor, Maxima, Tryko, Magna, etc)
2- 90% of the players complaint about the nerf
3- Ludia cave in, and do a boost reset.

They won’t do a boost reset just for the fun of it… :slight_smile:


Sure, but it doesn’t matter how much I think, boosters make it so my arena teams stays locked. Replacing just one member is going to months because that’s how long it takes to gather a new set of boosters. Where’s the fun in that? We should be allowed to switch team members once in a while to try out new creatures

There was a booster event a couple months ago and that was the most fun I had in JWA ever. We should be getting more of those.

There are a few reasons we probably won’t get one soon.

  1. Would affect their sales and receive complaints from their precious whales who purchase more boosts for more creatures, rather than move anything.

  2. If it were to happen over an advantage weekend, there will be non stop complaints from obsessive tournament players due to the crazy.

  3. If it were to happen during the week, all raids will be won effortlessly, which is something Ludia does not want.

So on the off chance we actually get one and Ludia decides to keep their player base refreshed, it would have to be on a skill tournament weekend setting, but don’t hold your breath.