Does anyone know?

I have both Dahlia Vince and her counterpart Rose Monroe on my list, ( added about a week apart) and I’ve played both of their stories through until they went grey … how is this possible? :thinking:

It shouldn’t be possible. Both their stories were identical?

Yes the stories were identical, although after back reading through I noticed some of the answers I gave with Dahlia who was the 1st I matched with were different to Rose, but it’s the same surrogate mom , wannabe nurse storyline…

Hi, @Mel_Leanbh, this is a known issue, and our team is investigating it.

Thanks for taking the time to report it to us, we really appreciate it! :blush:

Nooo…wait … hold on… this wasn’t ment to be a report or a complaint… I was more looking for hints and ideas so I could sneakily do it again to match with other counterparts and continue playing.:wink::smirk:

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