Does anyone *really* know for sure?

Are there changes coming, or is it mostly speculation due to the wording change for the SS description?


I honestly think it’s just speculation and people over- thinking it…


Its hope here. Not knowledge. Just hope.


Let’s all hope that eventually all dinos in our team got nerfed.
Stegod. Monomimus. Diloracheirus. Tragod. Gorgo. Tryo. Tryko. Indoraptor. Indominus. Stegoceratops, etc.

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Balanced. Lets hope they all get balanced. Sometimes thats nerfing, sometimes thats buffing, sometimes thats reworking.


I can bet with all of my bank accounts those who called for the nerf got Spino’s family in their team…

how many immune and cleansing dinos out there? that cant be the only percentage of dinos that can defeat DoT…

Good point, let’s think -

Indo - cleanse
Gorgo - cleanse
Irex - immune
Ankylocodon - immune
Deinocheirus - cleanse
Suchotator - cleanse
Stegod - cleanse
Tryostronix - immune
Monomimus - immune
EDIT: Alankylo - cleanse
Dilorano - cleanse (I think - I don’t have it yet, and haven’t fought one recently!)

Any others I’m forgetting? I’m mainly thinking of upper arena dinos…

There is always the swap, which would add some small value to swap-in ability. But why is everyone saying change in text for SS? It still cleanses bleed?

True, but in the description now it says it only cleans ‘distraction’. I believe it said ‘cleanses negative effects’ before.

Yes and I assume that means it no longer cleanses bleed? Because unless they are introducing another mechanic like poison that’s all there is,right?

Dont forget the impact and run stuff. Utarinex comes to mind.

Besides distraction obviously

Dilorano? That has cleanse, right?

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There’s slowing, too. It cleanses that. It’s supposed to cleanse pinning strike, but that has always been glitched and never worked right.

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Because if stegodeus still cleanses bleed I have lost matches assuming things worked correctly (should’ve known better)

Ah yes, ok now I understand

right. and if this nerf goes through then that group gets smaller. doesnt make sense.

Yes, it still cleanses all that is supposed to, the only thing that has changed is the wording - not the action.

Ouch… well I guess there is a saying about assumptions…:grin:

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