Does anyone *really* know for sure?

if the SS change ever actually goes into effect, this list would be reduced to

and add erlidominus since it’s immune (any others?). granted many of those are on most teams, but it’s only a handful that can counter DoT without swapping. then again, not many use DoT either, at least for now.

yeah for now lol. but once the nerf is in place… blood will flow. i just one a match though where the opponent had 3 immune… mimus, tryo and irex and i had a spinotosuchus. he didnt come out untill the end for the death blow. he was completely untouched.

I was so proud of an eagle eyed erl today:

Hit through cloak 5 times in a row. Was glorious. Wish i had it.

There’s a saying about assumptions, but there’s a basis of history to go on for this one as well.

Previously, before 1.4 dropped, DoT’s had a change of text from: “DoT .X of your attack per turn for x turns”

to: “DoT .X of target’s max HP per turn for x turns”.

This happened a few weeks before the change was actually implemented in the game itself, but it was eventually implemented. That’s why most people on the forums are assuming its an accurate change that hasn’t taken effect yet.

Then I will say I am just practicing for when it goes in effect :grin:

Wrothgar you advanced an arena, that’s good I hate having to depend on a crazy RNG run to try to beat you lol-good job! I’m still stuck in ruins :unamused:but that helps there is one less person giving me a wedgie…

Haha ty!! Yeah, my team kinda…clicked… lately. I got a few important upgrades, and im getting better with my dilo.

Keep at it, youll be here with me again in no time!

hopefully they switch it back. a level 1 suchomimus taking out a level 30 stegodeus is maybe the dumbest thing in this game.

Won’t happen to Tryko since she underperforms so much that there is nothing left to nerf :rofl:

Well, while the potential would exist for that to happen, anyone in that situation who lets their Stegodeus die because of a level 1 Suchomimus not only deserves for that to happen, but may want to consider playing another game.

If the wording change is correct and DoT’s, amongst other things, will no longer be cleansed, it just means a bit more strategy is needed if you’re going to employ more than one or two tanks, I think. Can’t find it right this moment, but it could well be this is to encourage/bolster swap in effects, since swapping out will remove the effect and preserve the dino still (as far as we know at this time).

While not overly excited about the change, I’m trying hard to reserve judgement…with most people (at least where I’m at in the arenas) seeming to have Stegodeus and/or Tragodist as part of their teams, at the least it may encourage more diversification of teams. As far as DoT’s switching back to what they use to be…personally can’t agree with that at least. With the change to SS that seems to be coming, it feels like most DoT’s may be overbalanced right now, but the way it was previously relying on the creatures attack to determine DoT damage doesn’t feel like it would be nearly enough output for them to be worth using, again, until it was up in level to the low/mid 20’s. Even then sometimes.

Idk…maybe balance them in return to the change with SS to be 0.8-1.25 of the attackers dmg value for the DoT?

Th best I can tell (if no other changes to stats etc which is probably likely) only ErlikoD will win head to head against Spinotahsuchus.

I hope this is the case, as swap in abilities in their current form are a huge disappointment in my opinion. At the moment they come across as a consolation prize awarded to dinos that have nothing else going for them.

The pterosaurs, the so called specialists at swap in abilities are underwhelming to say the least and without their abilities, the few that can be used would end up just like the others - something pretty to look at but not much good.

As for the rest if the dinos that have them, most are widely regarded as useless. I’ve seen people with high level Iguanodons and Triceratops trying to make use of their swap in stun, a nice idea but unfortunately the dinos can’t take proper advantage of their abilities.

TL:DR swap in abilities need some work before I see them being widely used. Give them to more dinos, give them more variety in terms of abilites and fully integrate them into battle, because right now they feel tacked on for innovation’s sake.

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should we be forced to swap and have our lvl 30 stegodeus run away in fear of a lvl 1 suchomimus :thinking:
because if you don’t, it will die

Search this YouTuber “pokefodder”, he mentioned in his video that it was exactly what went down to tweaking Instant Charge before it was “a guaranteed stun”. Dilouranosaurus as a close example, too. If the backlash in forum stay moderate like now, pretty much I can answer a YES to your question.

I think that SIA are in just a trial phase at the moment. That’s why they have only been introduced into the weaker, less used dinos. However, take alan for example: His SIA greatly adds to his versatility in the current meta. I think this shows the eminent potential of SIA and Ludia is probably trying to gauge how to balance and implement it at the top tier.

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Well yes. It is a gamble. Everything when it comes down to it, is a gamble. They play their bleeder, hoping it won’t come up against immunity or something that can wreck it. You play your stegod, hoping it isn’t a bleeder.

This is more of an issue with luck and RNG vs skill.

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I’m pretty sure that’s an extreme example though. Let’s be honest…if you come out with creatures that can DoT, but are the bare minimum levels, you’re going to absolutely struggle to make wins at all still, however much you DoT opponents up. And that’s 100% assuming that the other team has zero immune creatures. Just one blows that strat wide open.

@Magnovex67 I’ve honestly been wondering the past few days if its less of a ‘trial phase’ so to speak, as much as it is just the introduction of a new type of ability that’s not OP enough for people to drop everything to level creatures that have it thus far. Personally only run across one team so far since its introduction that tried to make good use of SIA’s, and it really worked out reasonably well for them. They lost still, but it kept me very off balance and made me rethink a lot of my strat that fight. Actually been thinking of leveling my Pteradon lately to test things out…its slow, but not nearly as slow as other creatures, and with its SIA means when it gets swapped in, could be a pretty solid counter attack starting late teens.

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Well I think you’re right there. I also want to add though, that it hasn’t been added to pre-existing meta relevant or even just good dinos in the first place to see if the SIA could elevate them. An example I like to think about, is the introduction of SIA RTC as well as nullify. Applied to pyrritator, tryo and subsequently to monostego (not sure what else) or something would surely take them up a step. These are just examples of course. The SIA promote more skillful gameplay so it would be nice to see it become more prominent.

im not arguing against DoT as a concept, just how it’s implemented. the fact that the damage done is totally irrelevant to the attacking dinos attack power makes no sense. how it was before do X% damage over X turns made way more sense.

why does a lvl 16 spinotasuchus kill a lvl 30 stegodeus just as fast as a lvl 30?

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That’s a valid point and it is something for ludia to adjust in the actual damage calculation perhaps and to account for the level. Not that we’d know, because the damage prediction wouldn’t work still…