Does anyone *really* know for sure?

and honestly, they were all kind of low. some were do 0.2x damage over 3 turns, so why even bother. maybe just up the percentage a little, but still make it based on the dinos actual attack power. metahub doesn’t have the stats anymore, so i have to use my own dinos (lvl 17 spinotasuchus vs lvl 28 stegodeus)

old DOT
lethal would would be 0.33 x 819 = 270 … x3 = 810 total

new DOT
lethal would is 0.33 x 5623 = 1855 … x3 = 5565 total

that’s crazy :open_mouth:

Funny the way the discussion has turned toward what Ithink is the reasoning behind this, and that is to have to switch up dinos often during battle. That will prevent people from just levelling up say, a stegod to 30 and just throwing it out there every time it’s picked for battle - which I have faced. I’m fine with damage being a percentage of the HP of the dino it’s used on.

Just have to wait and see. Until then, let the speculation continue.

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I like the idea of more switching. Makes the battle more interesting and not as predictable.

which would be fine, except you give your opponent a free hit every time. it could be done in a different way besides “switch your dino because we made DoT do 5000 more damage than it used to”.

I’m not so sure about that. I mean, the idea of the DoT, at least from a JWA perspective is that you inflected a deep or gashing wound that’s bleeding out until whatever it is can stop the bleeding right? So in some ways, it really does make more sense for it to be based off a %age of the defending creatures HP, not the attackers dmg rating. That’s not to say that it may not need to be evaluated to see if it should and how it could be adjusted, but imo it makes more sense to me if its based off the defenders health.

Cleverboy…well, short answer is, it won’t…unless you’re looking strictly at DoT dmg. A lvl 30 Spinotasuchus is going to kill a lvl 30 Stegodeus and should survive, where a lvl 16 will die to that same lvl 30 Stegodeus, and have it switch out before dying probably. Also, your number alone show why it shouldn’t be based on the old numbers…that makes DoT’s pretty much worthless long run. Not saying the numbers don’t need adjusting, but not that far back in the other direction.

Magnovex…I gotta disagree about the introduction to some of the higher end dinos like you suggested. Like the ones you mentioned would be pretty well overbalanced if they came in with RTC active as an SIA. Esp ones that are already used often in the current meta, I’d proffer that to get an SIA, they’d have to be balanced down somewhere else…reduction in speed, armor, crit chance, dmg. Something to balance out the buff they got of an SIA. Think it makes sense they targeted some of the more underutilized dinos to put SIA’s on to start with as they really need some sort of buff to try and help make them more feasible to play again. Not that its worked out that I’ve seen for the most part, but the idea at least was there.

And D_Mol, if that was you I remember reading that idea from, apologies for not giving credit earlier! I remembered someone had mentioned it previously but not whom or where!

What about making the percentage of max scale to the level of your bleeder? So, say if it’s at level 30 it’s 33% but if it’s only at level 15, then it’s 16.5% etc…

Hmm, can’t say that was me… but I like the idea too.

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Are you sure? (run with any creatures in the example pls)

Round 1 -
Opponent DoT’s you
You hit opponent.

Round 2 -
You switch out to Pteradon
Opponent anticipates the switch out and swaps to Alankylo

It could really become a chess match of what possibilities exist and anticipating a potential swap out occurring…timing it out with your own.

I already sometimes try to anticipate my opponent making moves that give me a free swap, like a distraction, instant invincibility, or a swap themselves.

I see what they’re going for as well, just to be clear I’m asking if it should take both the defender’s MAX health AND the attacker’s level into consideration.

basically it’s like with DoT you don’t have to “earn” your damage output. everything else you have to spend time darting, money on incubators if you want, coins leveling up, etc. to get the attack higher and higher. you don’t have to do that with DoT.

imagine the time/resources required to get a lvl 30 stegodeus. and i could just walk outside, dart a suchomimus once and be able to kill it.

Personally, I think it should be one way or the other. Either the defenders health, or the attackers damage numbers. You can make really good arguments for it going either way really, and if they do change it, I think it’ll really be divisive however they do it. Like I said earlier, my personal opinion is that it makes more sense to be based on the defenders health pool…as long as your strong enough to make the wound and make it harsh enough, its going to bleed.

I agree it’s divisive; but to CleverBoy’s point, what incentive do I have then to level up my Spino when he does just as much damage either way? (Ignoring the extra health; speaking from just a damage output perspective)

Except your not. Your Suchomimus is going to get hit once in that same round, die, and Stegodeus is going to be switched out next turn before it dies.

I get where you’re coming from in theory, but in practice it doesn’t pan out. There’s what two (I can think of off the top of my head) creatures that have two DoT abilities? Without leveled and competitive team, those lowbies are going to quickly die to pretty much anything else. Though I’d be super interested to see someone do nothing but min level creatures with DoTs and how they fare against a much higher team for comparison. I’d expect they’d get crushed though, quickly.


I agree that this talk about using low level DOT dinos seems like an impractical strategy. If this really happens doesn’t this really just balance the tank meta and allow for Spinotasuchus to be relevant and then tanks are still relevant against speedy raptor types as usual. If you combine this with the SIA it really makes a level playing field and will allow for true strategic battles. I would like to see more SIA, though for Legendaries and uniques to increase the strategy pool.

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Which Spino? Spinosaurus, Spinotharaptor, or Spinotasuchus?

Here’s the caveat to that point. He does the same amount of DoT damage no matter what his level is, since the amount of DoT damage isn’t affected by your dinos stats.

Not ignoring the extra health, going out and leveling up something that can DoT an opponent still has a major factor in your damage output. And I say not ignoring it, because, well, lets face it…your damage output drops off precipitously if you can’t survive even one hit.

Run with me for a moment and lets pick Spinotharaptor. At level 11 at creation, its base damage is ~640. Bump that same dino up to 26, and your base damage jumps to ~1330. That means, baseline, before armor or shields are applied, your damage output has increased 208%. That means instead of doing 1280 when you use Distracting Rampage at level 11, you’re doing 2660 damage instead. Even just bumping him up to lvl 18, and a base damage of ~900 is almost a 50% increase in your damage output over not leveling him at all.

That’s the other extreme tho, having a team full of bleeders. What if I just have my level 1 Suchomimus but everything else as normal? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably just stack a bunch of immunes and lead with one, but it just doesn’t seem right that a level 1 Sucho has a legit use in the 4000+ range. I don’t mind when someone pulls out their lvl 25 Tany or something, but at least they had to put the effort into getting him up to that level.

in the 4000 range you have tons of high damage raptors or other dinos that could one hit a Sucho at level 1… it really isn’t relevant. If you leveled a Sucho to high level, than that is different. I mean even the number of darts we’ve had at Pyrotator would be enough to take our a Sucho.

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Except it would balance itself out, realistically. Bring a level 1 Suchomimus vs a level 16 Stegodeus. First turn, you DoT Stegodeus. It uses Thagmizer, kills you, and takes bleed damage. You then bring in a level 6 Spinosaurus, do anything, and are almost dead after APR (literally, you’ll have ~200 health left). So for not leveling, you’re already in a hole with basically half your team dead or dying, and only one opponent downed.

Flip side. You bring out your level 1 Suchomimus. I’ll bring out a level 16 I-Rex or Monomimus. That’s not going to be pretty to play out if you didn’t bother leveling your team.

You are under the assumption that you will get your one bleeder every time, which isn’t practical. Most teams are very balanced and you have to adjust your strategy accordingly. There are still plenty of immune and cleansing dinos that would be able to counter even the higher level bleeders so relying on them to carry your team isn’t smart.

It would just make the game more interesting and you would be required to think and try to predict your opponents move. I also hope they do more SIA on some of the mid-level dinos to make things interesting.