Does anyone *really* know for sure?

Immune, yes, but the prevailing theory is that they are going to reduce cleanse to only getting rid of distraction, not DoT. So dinos with cleanse will still be subject to damage by bleeders.

I thought they were just referring to SS. What about cleansing impact?

Ahh - yes, you’re right. Indo and gorgo style. Yes yes. :slight_smile:

In theory too, this could make things much more interesting on when/how to time slows vs SS. Since SS won’t clear speed reduction now, and only reduces opponents speed by 33%, that means Thagmizer, Decelerating Impact, etc will be able to be used much more strategically now. I wonder if this could breathe new life into Giga and maybe life into Nodopatotitan?

I was thinking it would also clear the slowing moves as well… am I wrong about that?

Based on the way SS has been changed to read, it says:

“Cleans distraction. Deal 1x damage. Target’s speed -33% for 1 turn.”

So…if the way they changed DoT text before the change was implemented, we could take this literally and say that no, slowing moves won’t be cleansed once the change takes effect in game.

Was also thinking of adrenaline surge. Einasuch style. I loved that dino in the lower arenas.

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oh that does make it interesting if that is true… although in my mind “Superiority Strike” would mean that you get a speed advantage from using it, but it clearly doesn’t have to make sense in that way. The strategy would definitely change and might hurt Trago quite a bit without having any other slowing move like thago. Very interesting.

It would change how a lot of creatures need to be played, at the very best. Ourano’s strat goes out the window altogether (SS -> Greater Stunning -> Impact and Run).

ya, and subsequently Dilourano as well…

if i had a level 30 spinotasuchus, i’d definitely want it to do more damage than a level 16. but it doesn’t. i’d be cool with a level 30 doing .3 for 3 turns. but it should be scaled down. the fact that it’s .3, it really could be as easy as it does 0.(lvl #)x damage for 3 turns. so lvl 29 does 0.29 … lvl 16 does 0.16

this is like going spear fishing and shooting a minnow and a blue whale and saying each one loses 1/3 of their health every minute and they both die at the same time. that’s basically what happens now in game.

Both Dilos. It’s interesting because using a bleeder it’s significantly better to go second (assuming you live) so slowing moves are going to actually benefit something like Spinotasuchus, assuming they live thru the next attack.