Does anyone search for dinosaurs with companion?


You see, I have that one friend who is a little bit to comfy at home recently and would really benefit from going outside more often, and because playing the same game together could be actually some sort of motivation to go outside and have a fun for a change, I wanna ask about few things people who already hunt together, like:

  • Do you see exactly same dinosaurs on the map in the same place or is it random for each player?
  • If so then if there is a Dino and you hunt it, does that same creature is still available for the other person or does it disappear?
  • Is it ok, possible and otherwise legal and fair to have the same game account on two different mobiles if game doesn’t run on both devices at the same time? I don’t think so, but maybe there is way for exceptions?
  • Is there something else I should know about but didn’t think of it yet that might be important when hunting in packs? :smiley:


As far as seeing the same dino. Yes outside of parks you will see the same exact spawns from my experience, with the exception of proximity spawns.
I may not see a proximity spawn my daughter does.

But park spawns vary for me (level 18) and my daughter (level 13). And I mean vary quite a lot.
I might see an orano (epic) which is a common mono for 2 for her. Exact same spawn point. Exact same spawn duration.



  1. You will both see the same dinos and supply stop in the same locations on the same map. Actual location may vary by a few feet/meters due to relative accuracy of the GPS on your respective device. It’s not random, but occasionally there are glitches. There might be a time lag between two devices on different carriers, so one of you may see the dino first.

  2. After you hunt it, it will still be available for every else to hunt. They’ll see the dino, you won’t because you already did it.

  3. Yes, perfectly legal to have program on multiple devices. You’ll be automatically signed out of Device 1 when you switch to Device 2.

  4. The most important thing is: It’s fun to hunt with a friend sometimes.


I second all of what PteroSaar said.

I actually have a friend who is in a similar position to yours, but she plays PoGo. I don’t play that, but we still hunt together every now and then because the JW:A supply drops and event sites correspond to the PokeStops and gyms. Good for you for being a good friend.


Diff spawns. I have 6 kids. 2 types of devices, 2 networks.

Usually the same. But some things are iPhone only, others android. Still others are att only, others tmobile.


One of the phones isn’t getting the new map from the update. On Android, clear the cache for JWA. On IOS, delete the app and re-install. Then everyone will see the same map, with same drops and spawns! Had the same problem at my house, this fixed it.


Me and my man go out at the same time, see same dinos on same type of androids and same network


Thx! Will give that a shot.


Thanks, that sounds great, hopefully apart of having good fun it will help her get over some stuff.
I realised recently that this game is so addictive if you get into it that is sort of brainwashing, and at first I took a break to catch up with real life, cause everyone around me started yapping that I am constantly playing game like some kid.

Then I met this person, and it struck me that this is it, when you’re depressed then it’s a good thing to get into game which keeps you busy and makes you move, while the time is doing it’s job and heals.


My boyfriend actually introduced me to JWA but he got bored quickly and went back to PoGo. But when our days off overlap we have “hunting parties” and go out looking for our respective creatures. It’s nice. :slight_smile:


Hell no. If my missus tagged along it’ll be like yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak and I’ll be hoping I had a sleeping dart…


I think you’re exactly right! JWA is probably the perfect medicine! :slightly_smiling_face: You’re a good friend.

It’s sooo addictive, you might leave close the door on your old life without realizing it. At least sometimes that’s a good thing. :grin: