Does anyone see Dilo Gen 2 at parks?

Since update I am yet to see a Dilo Gen 2 in parks, let alone anywhere. 1.5 update made them park spawns supposedly, but I have not seen ANY at all!!! Does anyone else ever see them??


I actually saw quite a few today in a small area of my town they must have marked as a park, even though it’s not really… I also see quite a few when I go to a nearby state park. Definitely much fewer and far between, but they are out there.


My experience is like yours, they are nowhere to be found.

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I get quite a few in parks and they run in groups. If one is around there are more, check all the proximity spawn points. They are not constant all day, they come and go in spurts. I can at least get a few every day, some days are better than others. I have not noticed a particular time of day, but for my parks, morning/evening are the best spawn time for everything.

They do seem to prefer certain parks. One park in my area holds a majority of them and they are scattered around the park also. Although this park is the best hunting of the lot of them I frequent, so there is that. A few parks I do not think I have every seem any, or not many, in them.

[EDIT] My area is L4 exclusive.

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Run a few small common scents or a large common scent and you will come across them in parks.


I see some occasionally while driving by parks. I usually set off a few common scents while I take my son to the park and get some dilo gen 2s.


They are very hard to find now, Park spawns are congested as heck.

I find more rare dinos then dilopho, not kidding or exagerating.

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I’m so glad I got a ton of them while they were everywhere.

Yes, they’re there, but few and far between. Based on Metahub’s mined spawn rates, they’ll make up about 6% of park spawns, so you’ll average 1 on a large common scent if moving…or 1 every other scent if not. Good luck making any progress at that rate.

Might as well just wait for it to become an event spawn…I guess that’s what Ludia wants? They seem to have made every effort imaginable to remove any enjoyment from hunting wild spawns with the distribution in 1.5. “Migration” is desperately needed ASAP.

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I caught like 20 of them today :grinning:

Found only one since the update, near my house, in a place where I didn’t even know it was a park

Wish u were in my alliance😉

I depend on my alliance to get some of its DNA now… hardly to find nowadays.

They do spawn at parks. They also spawn at nests (very rarely). Problem with parks is that they are mostly empty. There are no proximity spawns at most small parks and very few supply drops, so all park dinos are very hard to come by. Even when you use scents at parks to get dilo ir Stegosaurus, you get barely anything. Ludia needs to fix their crappy spawns.

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I am thinking the opposite. I think there are too many park spawns and Dilopho has to compete with the other 2 million park only dinos to be able to spawn correctly.

The best fix would be to move Dilopho out of parks and into a regular zone.


Not all parks are created equal, some are more equal than others.

I have a dozen small and large parks in my hunting grounds. The large ‘State Park’ is horrible hunting except for the Event Drops. Only two of the smaller parks are excellent hunting. Most of them are not even worth visiting. I can agree that many parks have zero to no park spawns.

Consider it like Sino and other Epic spawn. Some people see many every day, others of us see a few a week, and then nothing desirable. The spawns are not consistent across the board for anything.

If you can, check for other parks until you find one that does produce. I know, I know… Not everyone has any parks in their area, I am sorry for them. I do not have an L1 anywhere near me so getting any of those spawns is out of the question for me. If parks spawned nothing desirable I would have nothing to dart. I leveled up what I have access to, it is all I can do.

Parks in your area may behave differently. That’s not the case for me. I spend an hour walking at the largest park in my city on scent all the time (2x20min plus 2x5min). Scent spawns distribution is OK, not amazing but you get enough variability and you get the coveted ones (dilo and stego) at decent rates. However, I only get two proximity spawns in the whole park after an hour walking. There’s where the issue lies IMO, you visit a park and it’s empty. There are no spawns other than the event supply drops. So unless you constantly burn through scents you leave empty hands. I have tried this at most parks in my city with consistent results. But as I said, parks in your area may be different.

Lol I created my own one :grin::grin:

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We get free common scents daily and every 6 hours use one in the park the dilo g2 will come out like an infestation lol

That would be a great idea if I actually had some parks around here that aren’t closed for the winter. I’m in Pennsylvania and its freezing here also , so not much for walking and darting in the cold. They need to just switch it back to a zone dino and it would work out alot better.