Does anyone see Dilo Gen 2 at parks?

So how much of the world has closed all their parks!? A change like that would affect us here in Australia hugely! We are in middle of summer 40 degree heat and about 20-30% of the cities here are parks

I used like 3 big common scents and 3 normal ones today in an attempt to get some and I only got one. That one don’t even spawn cuz of the scents

I barely ever see it really. Which is frustrating since I saw them by the thousands pre-1.5

i did 2 large 20 minute scents at a park today. only got 1 dilo2 per scent :roll_eyes:

Was it park with a water feature?? Just cause I have noticed if I do scent in a park with a lake etc I get non stop crocs

I live in a town with many parks but for the game there are no parks, none. Neither dilos nor stegos … I spend the weekend in a residential beach town where people go for the beach and the parks … but for the game they are not parks either and I do not know how that can be solved.

Dilo gen 2

The park a few blocks away

I think mentioned earlier in thread that dilo while park spawn seems to pop up more often a block or two away from park you can get around this by using common scent in a park with no water feature! Or a block away! As I keep finding to my disappointment when I use scents at home for my sweet l2 spawns!

To be accountable for answering this, I need to find a park first

This is my place I use scents here regularly

This is my dilog2 stock from accidentally drawing them from this position(take note my tyranolophosaur is lvl 19 so this is stocks after those fusions!!)

As you can see I’m finding it hard to see why people are having issues if I am getting trolled by them!

Cutting into my Rex g2 spawns that I need to go with them and Also tenoto and tarbo😫

That doesn’t mean much to the general player base though, as in fact, it is only relative to you. :wink:

I see posts all the time from people that cant find or need X and then I open my inventory to see that I have lots lf DNA for it. I also see the opposite, where I cant find any DNA and others have lots of it.

I see a lot of people asking why they cant find Tuojiango when apparently I have some type of “Tuojiango Catnip” growing around my house.

Your prob right lol maybe ludia sneakily introduced different spawn rates for different countries!? Or people are thinking parks are exactly on the green spots which my pictures disprove! Kinda hard to find something if your looking in the wrong spot!!

Just another dilo g2 notice it’s across the street from the park

I went to a park today and opened two large capsules. Got 6 to show up I think I was in Area 2

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A noob question… How do you recognize a Park if there’s no exclusive dino showing?

Ussually the game represents parks by the green “grassy” ground on the map.

So you pop a scent, might get a dilo. Then watch the game that has nothing on it except you and a spinning wheel till the scent runs out?

Rinse and repeat?

All zones are not equal and they fluctuate with different spawns as well… i work and live in two different l1 and they both produce different results… my work l1 is a strong sino and dilo l1…sometimes their are as many as three dilos on my screen while at work.

My home l1 is a bit different while i still get some sino spawns at home its like at a 4:1 ratio where i see 4 at work in the same time i see one at home
I havent seen a dilo in my home l1 since stleast 1.5 dropped i however get multiple dimes where i dont see nearly as many at work.

For me i havent seen any dilo gen 2 outside of an incubator since 1.5 dropped… i had like 12k stockpiled and am almost out… meanwhile i see multiple trex gen 2 most days.

Just more proof they are about. This one is even in a park!