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Does anyone speak German?


At my place (beside my native language Slovene - btw the oldest Slavic language - and one of the World hardest to master, Mandarine in peace of cake when comparing (lol)) we learn German as the second foreign language in primary school (at age of 14 most people can communicate with three languages quite fluently - e.g I am 13). German is very handy and logical language - great when study any science.
Schönen Gruß von der Sonnenseite der Alpen :wink:

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I am not a native, but I do speak German and I think that the translation should be “since the update I can see more of the same animal”, or am I wrong? Thdre might be a silent “nicht” somewhere in there that I didn’t get :sweat_smile:


Summer for something… I’m lost. As a 12 year old, I can speak pretty low level german, and a bit of french. Haha, the latter of the two is MUCH harder.


Ja, das ist richtig. (Yes that’s right!)

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I can speak Phyton fluently too :wink:

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Hmm… I’m learning.
Print(“I’m trying haha.”)