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Does Anyone Use All Of Their Dinosaurs?

Just a curiosity. I feel bad if I dont use dinosaurs I think are cool just to stay arena ready. Plus I’m a bit averse to the hybrids. What are your guys’ favorites, and will you use them just to use them sometimes? I like having teams full of certain kinds, and it’s much less about the moveset and fighting than it is about catching different genera for me, and cataloguing them. Anybody else like this?

I try and get use out of most of mine. The glass cannons with health stats that are proportionately low are the most difficult but I get good use out of them in tournaments by using them in lower level fights as a big whack to the opponent at the end

The commons and level 10s are my least used dinos as there is only usually a couple of fights in hatchling leagues that they are of use. If I can’t be bothered waiting for speed ups I might use commons in a fight just to do an automatic speed up for daily missions.


If you keep playing, you will hit a point where it will be impossible to use all your dinosaurs. I currently have 362 creatures in my park split between 178 species.

I’m not really a fan of the hybrids, but you will eventually hit a point where you will have to breed and use them if you want to be competitive in PvE or tournaments.

Ultimately, though, it’s a game. Play it however you want; there’s no explicit goal to “beat” this game.


I mix it uppp all the time. If I haven’t used a dino in a while I will use it to satisfy the daily missions.

I also use them in situations where I want to see how the AI reacts. I’ll put 3 baryonxs in 1 battle just to see what the AI matches it with.

Or I’ll throw in 3 level 1 Commons to see what happens lol.

I use em all over time.

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My favorite should be obvious, and as for dino usage, I use all my VIP dinos first, and start using my other high-end dinos if I need to.

I have every base-game dino at level 40, and I NEVER use them, only in tournaments as I’m working my way up the bracket.

I have every base-game hybrid at level 40, aside from a few legendary hybrids at level 30.

I only have 3 tourney-hybrids, and my limiting factor is that they take too long to hatch.

As for tournament dinos, I only just started doing tournaments this year, and so I only have a few unlocked along with the Clash of Titans unlocks.

At my core I’m a min-maxer.

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