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Does Customer support "ever" get back


Good day all,

I won’t go through a long intro, I spoofed once and it was after seeing a youtube video, not gonna say spoofing is right cause it kinda isn’t, but i only got like 40 Sinoceratops DNA with it then stopped it all, too buggy. But i am not here to discuss morals.

How is Ludia going to contact those who spoofed or hacked or cheated in anyway ? are they sending emails ? are their accounts already reset ? I contacted support twice now and always getting that auto email saying they will contact as soon as possible (from my own and other people previous experience with Ludia in the , they never get back to you, or only get back after you forgot it ever happened in the first place)

the main issue here is that i have a VIP subscription, so i want to get an answer before i renew anything, since i won’t renew it if my account gets reset (not a threat, just stating the obvious), if they give people ultimatums, they should also be responsive to customers’ request



Hey Duke, I’m sorry that you’re still waiting for a response from our staff, it might take some time for our team to reply but we have dedicated agents who are responding to players that are writing in about self-reporting and spoofing inquiries, and they’ll get back to you soon. Avoid sending in another email before our agents get a chance to reply to you because it might reset your position in their queue.


Thank you for the reply,

well i do hope they get back quickly as my subscription is ending soon. I won’t mind an account reset as long as it is done quickly and without dragging me around. That way i can keep my subscription, otherwise I will have to remove it.