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Does Dimorphodon exist...?

Is dimorphodon in the game?? I know that it is in the backround of the loading screen that appears when you load the game, but i have not seen it anywhere… is the locked creature on the aiviary arena in the picture dimorphodon…? If dimorphodon exists…(which i think it does) and if someone owns dimorphodon… can that person reply on this topic with a picture of it and it’s moveset?

Depressingly enough, the arena exclusive for the aviary is an arambourgiania…

Oooh… but i why did they not add DIMORPHODON…!!! It just does nor make sense! It’s in the loading screen!! Ludia!! Please add Dimorphodon!

The creature exists in the game’s code, they just haven’t finished putting it in yet. Maybe the next big update will give us Dimorphodon and Ramphorhynchus.

we have arambourgiania growing on our trellis - when it blooms in the spring its quite lovely and fragrant.

I’m thinking that means it may get a hybrid in the future. Now I wish I had darted more of them

yeah I was floored when I saw it, kind of disappointing, was hoping for an epic that I needed, but there has to be a hybrid in the future. If not… just why?