Does dodging need to be reworked?

My title says it all, but I’m at a place in the arena now (bouncing between 4400-4700) where about 75% of matches are determined solely on which team gets the better luck in dodges. Every single match at this level has at least one of the dodgers (Monomimus, Indoraptor, or Indominus). Its totally ruining the fun and competitiveness of battles for me.

Does anyone else feel this way?

It would be nice to see dodging reworked somehow. Maybe make it a 40% chance, or eliminate evasive stance entirely and just have evasive strike. Or perhaps have it lose its priority status.

Cant tell you how many matches have been decided by triple dodges. This game would be a lot more fun if battles relied more heavily on strategy than a coin flip.


Yep, completely remove the dodge moves, they are actually quite unnecessary in competitive battling and force games to become based on luck (RNG) than skill. Boring!

Plus it forces everyone to go all out to get the RNG-o-sauruses (mono and indo-duo) at the expense of many other really good dinos, and the game becomes static and non-competitive. Why not just flip coins all day long instead.


Seriously I don‘t wanna see the dodging chance of my Indom reduced.
Even with 50%, RNG is so often on my opponent‘s side cause my Indom‘s just too dumb to cloak.

With 40 or less % I wouldn‘t use that ability of her anymore.

I‘d rather reduce those 75% chance of some stunners than dodging because this you can atleast nullify.

Without the random element battles in JWA would just be a game of rock-paper-scissors. That’s boring.

Pokemon competative battling isn’t boring (fire, water, grass, etc).

I’m not advocating the removal of RNG just 50% RNG reliant moves. It only brings frustration to players playing them and facing them. It adds nothing to the game and subtracts too much (skill). That is boring!

I think that if dodging needs to be reworked, I would prefer to hv it eliminated completely but in exchange for a good buff to stats.

From a player with monomimus and just yesterday an indoraptor, I need to say that I spend loads of time, substantial amt if real $ on both and tons of heartache n frustrating moments fusing 10s in these 2 dinos.

It’s very unfair to paying players, both in terms of time, $ n effort, to nerf these extremely difficult to get dinos bcos the rest of the community do not want hv them.

Sure it’s not fun facing these dinos but their dodge skill fail as many times as they work. A rework is really unfair to hardworking paying players.

So please please reconsider before posting “rework” threads. Remember, u will get these dinos in the future and any rework will also affect u in the long run


From before I had one I’ve always advocated that the monomimus’s dodge was too much for this game. I still think the same now I’ve got one. Interestingly I rarely use Evasive Stance because given it’s speed/hp/immunity and great moveset, it doesn’t actually need Evasive Stance for the most part anyway.

I’ve always been against Indominus-Rex’s Cloak… it never cloaked in the film it was camouflaged, immunity would’ve been enough. But again it’s another OP move which causes little more than frustration on both sides and should be removed. Granted I-Rex’s cloak is much easier to counter than monomimus’s evade but that’s beside the point.

Perhaps the biggest problem with dodging moves is when they’re coupled with ‘immunity’.

And immune dinos cannot be stunned. I’d rather see them getting rid of this dodge mechanism.

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There’s simply a need for a control algorithm, that checks how often dodging and not dodging happens and jumps in whenever one of them happens too often.

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Man chill, I have all of the dodgers myself, and have them at higher levels than you (my indoraptor is at 25 now) so dont talk to me about how much hard work has been put into getting them. That has nothing to do with the fact that having battles decided by a coin toss is a totally absurd way to run things. Not one of the potential changes I proposed makes any of these dinos become useless, and you’d still be grinding for them just the same.

I even feel guilty taking wins from teams that are better than mine when my indominus that has 100 HP left dodges twice and completely destroys my opponents full health stegodeus. I just want to see more strategy instead of just spamming evasive stance over and over. Its boring.

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There are just as many immune dinos to counter the stunners so I’m not sure that arguement is better. At least stunning is only one move…where evasive stance affects THREE moves.

And nullify could instantly remove that evasive.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Or they could try reducing the cooldown on Nullifying Impact from 2 turns to 1 and also perhaps give a few more dinos Nullifying Strike. The more often you can get rid of the evasive moves, the less often they’ll be used.

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Or have a couple of Tanycolagreus hybrids. However they have now got to be ultra-careful about just introducing more nulifiying moves, less it affects the shield-bearing meta too.

If you kill a Stegadeus at full HP with Irex, that player deserved to lose. Shield counters Irex double damage unless your Irex was overleveled.

My I-raptor & Monomimus are both 26.

Why no one feels sorry for me, while my Monomimus haven’t dodge any attack in 3 turns and directly killed.:cry:

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I always hate this arguement. First of all you have to waste a turn to swap to a nullifier (if you even happen to have one available) and then you have to take into account the fact that two of the 3 dodgers (indom and indoraptor) both have HUGE hitting moves lined up to potentially one-shot your nullifier when it does swap in…so why bother? Even if you dont get one shotted by a defense shattering rampage with high crit chance, you’re at best left with a dino with enough HP to only take one hit from the opponents next dino. You’re just better off playing the odds on the dodges


Sadly that’s true, it forces everyone to suck up the RNG

Evasive and Cloak too RNG,make it have 70% and 60% reduction to damage for 2/3 turns(can be nullified)