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Does dracoceratosaurus need a buff?

As the title says, does he need a buff? I have been working on him and now got him to level 25 and I must say for a unique he’s pretty useless, he can’t do anything against shields like his legendary parent, dodge stumps him, distraction takes all his punch away which you can cleanse once then have to wait to 2 turns to cleanse again by which time he’s dead as his 100% stun never makes the opponent miss a turn so it just delays his inevitable death, he’s slow, can’t penetrate any type of defense, his main move of distraction only lasts 1 turn, it’s no wonder I’m seeing way more of his legendary parent than I am him, feel I wasted valuable resources building him. Maybe his cunning strike should be a fierce strike? I don’t know, he’s bad though. What do you guys think?


Yes, a buff is very much needed. Mine is at level 30, and the only reason I haven’t replaced her is because I love her design.

Personally, I think she should be immune to speed decrease. She’s a slow cunning as it is, and her health is much lower than DCs. If we can have fierce dinos with the ability to cleanse distraction, having a slower cunning be immune to speed decrease isn’t going to ruin balance.


Yes a speed decrease immunity would help, I’ve thought about boosting his speed to try an get him worthy of putting up a fight, but decided against it as 1 move with a speed decrease puts us back to square one as the distraction you could apply prior to being slowed down only lasts that turn,… stun die repeat.

Sure, but not a big one. I love that fluffy rat.

I actualy don’t think green rat is in a huge need of a buff, i belive that the mian reason it’s considerd trash is cuz the red rat is just better, and easyer to create, and wastes less coin.

Green rat could defenetly get a buff in some areas but i think that nerfing the red rat in some way would better encourage playing this guy over him, plus something with such a powerfull swap in ability shouldn’t be insane on 1v1 anyway

beware of many saying “no” here. instead they may say “better nerf legendary ingredient instead”

DC needs a small nerf, and DCRat needs a small buff. Namely, I would probably reduce Swap Prevention Resist on DC to 50%, and change Cleansing Impact on DC to Cleansing Shattering or Cleansing Armor Piercing Impact. That way, DC is still just as effective as it is now, but it’s less reliable when you start bringing in things with No Escape, while DCRat is more reliable & a bit more dangerous with its swap in + cleanse + swap out–a fair trade for its lower health.