Does dropping trophies actually work?

Is it a known bug or am I misunderstanding the Dino’s shown on the arena levels screen, the exclusive Dino’s etc… I spent a while dropping my trophies to get to a lower arena to get some DNA I needed badly. In about 50-60 battles I think I saw that Dino’s DNA once. Plus a ton from lower, and some higher, arenas.

Is that screen a leftover they haven’t gotten rid of yet and arenas no longer have exclusive and other specific Dino’s? Or is something weird going on? Or am I fundamentally misunderstanding how that works?

The incubators you receive from the arena have a chance to contain the dinos from your current arena and all previous arenas. So think of it more along the lines of the dinos pictured in each arena are the ones unlocked by reaching that arena. They are then added to the pool the incubators draw from.

The idea of dropping arenas is to reduce the available selection and so increase the chance of acquiring a desired dino.

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Once unlocked does the chance of getting them actually go down when a person drops? Of all the dinos that should be in the pool by Ruins, incubators are still so heavily weighted to arena exclusives from past arenas, that it seems like that’s still what I would get even if I went down a few arena levels. Not talking about guaranteed Stygi DNA. That’s just a bonus so I’m cool with it.

When I got booted down to Badlands from Lockdown I managed to open a few incubators and didn’t receive any Stygi Gen 2. Though that’s hardly conclusive, it could just have been the luck of the draw so I can’t answer that definitively.

No Stygi gen2 you say? An incubator just wouldn’t feel like an incubator without it.

No idea why mine is a 12. 10 or 11 fine, but 12 makes me suspect :beer: was involved.

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So are you saying dropping down just narrows the list? I’m almost positive I saw Dino’s from higher arenas. Dunno. I’ve drifted back up 3k+ from not really trying to lose lately, but I’ll try dropping again and recording stats instead of just “eyeballing it”.

And is the Epic from the 10/day box always the Styigi for everyone? He’s ALWAYS there.

No there’s a chance that you may get epic DNA from other dinos featured in arenas you eligible to, but Stygi is the only one that’s guaranteed.

Survey says: No.

I tried it pre-1.4 and no, not worth it. You get slightly better odds but way worse in amount, even IF you get who you want. Better to save the higher amount for a future hybrid.

That all depends on the incubators you open @LordDamax. I checked yesterday when I changed arenas (went from Lockdown to Sorna) and the incubators I already had said Arena 6 (Lockdown) and the new ones I earned said Arena 7 (Sorna).

So maybe the DNA came from incubators you had earned before you dropped.

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Based on the couple of weeks I’ve been in badlands, to answer your question simply yes. Reducing arenas will increase the odds of getting the exclusive/incubator dinosaurs you want but it is still a gamble in regards to the randomization of Dino dna. Basically, while in badlands all prior arenas dinosaurs are possible as rewards. The exclusive is misleading. I’ve gotten the previous arena exclusive as rewards many times. In terms of epics yes you do get that annoying Stygi 15 as guaranteed but the other 15 if you’re lucky it’s not stygi and will be any of the epics from your current arena and prior, i.e. below. I’ve been trying to collect irritator, ankylo, kentro and it’s been slow…lol…but it’s better than finding them in the wild for sure. Downside to all of this is you do get less DNA amounts along with less coins.

Proof…12hr incubator result