Does Entelodon still spawn on Sunday?

I seriously haven’t seen this thing in weeks! I even used a couple of Giga Scents yesterday - loads of Nodo, a couple of the new turtle, but no Entelodon anywhere.

Yep. Still spawns. Just saw one yesterday.

All dailies seem to be appearing at random - I have seen them on all days of the week. Don’t know if it is intentional or a bug …

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Daily dinos cannot be attracted by scents. But it is still spawning. Saw one yesterday, and I see one on my map today, weirdly enough.

I’ve had Kelenken (3 days in a row) and possibly Marsupial Lion spawn on successive days using Giga Scents. Weird.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Guess I’m just unlucky then. All I can see (in the distance) is an Edmonto at the moment.

I’ll just keep trying to find them.

It doesn’t seem to spawn for me as frequently but it does appear

I think that’s the problem - it looks like there are the same number of daily spawns but it is now selecting from the entire 7 day pool - hence reduced availability …

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Normally daily spawn change at 7AM local time. It’s Tuesday now. Common spawn should be Ankylosaurus gen2.
My friend’s account (run over Android) show right spawn, but mine (run over IOS) still show Hatze instead of Anky gen2.

And I just dart Entelodon. (IOS)
While account over Android just show common dino.

Last week I try to fix this problem by uninstall game from IOS and re-install. Problem solve.
But the Next day IOS show previous day spawn again.
Do I need to report these as a bug ? @Ned

I ran into an Entelodon this morning after dawn started which would technically be Monday so I was surprised to see one. Dawn is when that day’s daily spawns are suppose to start.

Yea, I haven’t see as many recently on Sunday’s. I’m going to need more eventually for that legendary.

I saw one on Sunday from home. Unfortunately I couldn’t dart it because it was out of range. :woman_facepalming::boar:

I saw 6 if them today. Of course with the retractable map glitch going on while being a passenger in a car, I missed all 6…

I’ve been finding Tanys on Friday, instead of Dilo Gen 2 for some reasons