Does evasion not work anymore?

So I just did a battle and the opponents indo 1 went through my indo 1 esation twice killed it then again went through my erlidoms clock and killed it but this has happened multiple times. Is this just luck or did something break

Either you were extremely unluck or he was using indo gen 2, his caution strike can hit throu dodge, no changes were made in evasion

I’m 1000% sure it was indo 1

Sometimes the RNG is against you. I’ve noticed though that whenever I play an Epic strije tower that dodge/cloak never works.

I already think strike towers are rigged cause my dodge never work on those for some reason. lol

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Right now, that would not surprise me.

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Looks like pure rng in play, just earlier in 1 arena battle, my indo g2 crit thrice in a row, yes 3 times. Almost felt sorry for the opp, not exactly the same scenario, but you know what I mean. Sometimes rng smiles brightly at you, and sometimes just totally ignores you.

Not too long ago, I broke through my opponent’s evasion 4 times in one battle. Definitely a bad run of RNG.