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Does every tournament creature come in a tournament every year

I was wondering if all the tournament creature come around at least 1 time a year because I have a few creatures I still want such as…

troodon( to make/max up it’s hybrid yudon)
Para gen 2

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It just depends

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no guarantees but if they keep up with this tournament every weekend trend it could maybe happen. How many tournament creatures are there total? Do the math

10 years :slight_smile:


About 40 or more and we have gone throw maybe 15 of those

troodon last offered in October 2020
Para gen 2 last offered in September 2020
Megalosaurus last offered January 2020
Gryposuchus last offered October 2020
Pachyrinosaurus last offered February 2020

you could be waiting another year or more to finish off this list.


If you are counting all tournament creatures there are somewhere in the mid 50’s. I just counted but forgot the exact number, i think it was 57?

So even if there was a normal tournament every weekend you would not get through them all. Ok so you say well there are far more jurassic tournaments than ceno and aquatic and I only care about Jurassics. Well i’m not sure how many jurassics there are but again there is a good many and there typically are not normal tournaments every week especially considering there are VIP tournaments, hybrid tournaments on rare occasion, ect…

Again no guarantees

Just for example Eryops hasn’t been offered for well over a year, this is the 1st chance at it for quite some time. Einiosaurus hasn’t been offered for well over a year either.


Only one I really want is the troodon for the hybrid and the rest are just for collecting purposes

I just counted the creatures that have not had a tournament this year/ or are not unlockable by battlestages

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Varies significantly, Deinocheirus didn’t show up for more than 2 years after its initial release. In general it tends to be a year or so. Sometimes Ludia releases them super early again, like with Mosa Gen 2 and Dilo Gen 2, though those were for hybrids.

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Deinocheirus is a battle stage unlock

It is now. It wasn’t for a couple of years

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