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Does everyone remember the 2x runes on tapjoy?


So a week back i complained to Tapjoy about not receiving the correct runes for the tapjoy offer "Complete Village 3 in Coin Master! ", they acknowledged this and told me that they had rewarded me the correct amount of runes, however, i didn’t receive those somehow, i was instructed to go to the Ludia support directly and was recognised by the team, but there has been a bit of confusion.

you see the correct amount of runes i should have gotten would be 5376 runes since it was 2x, the tapjoy rewarded section didn’t recognise this and instead awarded me 2688 runes. now I’m missing 2688 runes and I contacted Ludia directly per instructed by the Tapjoy team and this is what i got in response.

"Upon closer inspection into your account, we can see that you did receive 2688 Runes on your account from Tapjoy on March 19, 2019 for that particular offer.

As a result, no further assistance will be provided as everything seems to be in order."

Clearly, the Ludia team was not very patient as they didn’t even allow me the right to respond to their fault by saying “no further assistance will be provided”, but they even recognised the problem themsleves. I WAS REWARDED 2688 RUNES, which is the wrong amount I should have gotten double that and Ludia seems a little rude in this response, recognised the problem that i “got 2688 runes” couldn’t be bothered to check what the Tapjoy team has said even tho i provided a ref number and i still have not gotten the right amount of runes.

Come on Ludia, please tell me you read through everything and at least try to understand the problem, at the moment you guys STILL owe that amount of runes and this is quite annoying that it is still going on.


Did you start the offer before the 2x? If you start it during the 2x and then complete it whenever, you get the amount of gems they offered you when it was 2x


no, i did do that, problem is i told Tapjoy, they said, yeah u got the wrong amount, here u go and some problem happened or something and i didn’t get those so Ludia was like u got the right amount even tho tapjoy was like oh, oops


Hey 2fwess, I’m sorry to hear that had happened. Could you contact our support team again so our team can try to make this right for you? If you could also include a screenshot of your email with Tapjoy along with your Tapjoy case ID, it’d be really helpful for our team’s investigation. Thanks!


thanks for offering your help, miraculously after a day the Ludia team managed to sort the problem and award me wit the correct amount of runes, thanks again @Ned and i hope the Ludia team can sort everyone’s team just as neatly and quickly


The Speak Up! app in Tapjoy is not working. I’ve done all the surveys and nothing happened. I’ve got no runes.


The ‘Pick the puppy’ is just a scam. It says guess the dog breeds by their silhouette but there is no silhouette just advertisements. It gives no runes.


‘Quick xmas puzzle’ is the same scam. It says solve the puzzles but you can’t do it because there are no pictures just advertisements. It gives you nothing.

‘Spin the wheel of strategy’
If all your answers are correct you will get the runes. Have fun.


Miserable, are you enjoying this Ludia? You are ruining your own game with these.


I’m happy to hear that everything was corrected for you, @2fwess.

Also, I’m sorry to hear this, @Carmiso. If you’re having some trouble completing these offers, Tapjoy would be happy to take a closer look into this and see what the issue might be. There is more information from our FAQ here on how to get a hold of them:

If you’re still having problems after contacting Tapjoy, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at as well.