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Does exactly 4,750 trophies count for the reward?

Or do I need a minimum of 4,751?

Logic and critical reading of the rules say that exactly 4,750 trophies is good.

You better get a response direct from Ludia.

Just wanna make sure, to be safe. I can’t presume to expect logic and critical thinking from Ludia considering they keep churning out the this terrible tournament format every month. And thought the recent event schedule change was actually a good idea.

Exactly. That’s why I ended by suggestions GN an official confirmation

I got 4750 trophies for season 6, and got exact rewards for that level, 30000 coins and 180 hardcash

Thanks! I guess it’s time to set up shop till it’s over!

I’ve been within 2-3 points of 5000 trophies 4 times in the past two days, but could never make it. Finally got knocked all the way down to 4753 and that’s where I’m camping until this nonsense is over. Sick and tired of getting half as much for a win as I lose for a loss.