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Does exposure have any influence of spawn points?


I just find it extraordinarily coincidental that after a few outings playing with others (who have been so kind to tether me) I have been running into better and better stuff from my home.

Today, saw a T-Rex, Spinotahraptor, and just a few minutes ago being back home, where there’s usually just crocs and tri-horn effeminates, a Gorgosuchus has graced me with its presence!

Granted, the rain really made it difficult to dart as I don’t have a phone case (heating issues when I use one and it’s darn-near indestructible for all the abuse it has gone through, iPhone SE), but still, 30 DNA better than none!

Ever since I’ve been out on these even infrequent outings, back country roads are actually decent pickings now, it seems.

I know RNG is a big thing but the consistency of better than absolute baseline common throwaways has steadily risen and I’m really curious if by being exposed to events and rare spawns and so on has somehow “triggered” my account to actually get what is more common ground for the more active average players.


Pretty sure it does. If I don’t hunt for a few days I get nothing but commons within reach of my home. Every time I hunt for over an hour I get rates and epics spawning.


Okay, so I’m NOT crazy! At least not as much as usual. Lol

Gorgosaurus and Spinosaurus outside my house now, so brb.

(Total sidenote: why does Gorgosaurus feel so awkward to dart? I only average 20-30 DNA per, her hitboxes feel…funny?)


Same for me with any tyrannosaur


I find that the rares you want seem to be able top turn on the spot making it so much harder to dart accurately.

Likewise the longer I spend out hunting the better options I find.