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Does Gallimimus need a buff and proceratho a nerf?


When I look at the stats of gallimimus, I usually think it is a useless dinosaur to have, I know it has a hybrid called monomimus and then it has a hybrid with darwinopterus to make pterovexus, but then again, procerathomimus can beat both monomimus and pterovexus due to the speed and the damage procerathomimus posses, especially the rampage, and if I look at it’s stats closely, it has the lowest health of any dino, even the velociraptor, and 1800 to be the exact, it can be killed by a velo pounce if same levels or similar, and I heard it was faster than a velociraptor and I am kinda thinking it should have a little bit more health than normal and maybe be faster than velo? Also I kinda think procerathomimus needs a small nerf due to the fact that it is just too fast and is better than monomimus, perhaps have the speed be 129 and have the attack be, well 1250?


A nerf will probably come in the future

Don’t have it… Don’t plan to have it… After what they did to Monomimus I will never spend my coins and DNA again in a low-health evasion-dependant dino…


Procerathomimus is primed and ready for a nerf, even though it doesn’t merit rebalancing at all. I keep trying to find a spot on the team for mine but it’s just not that great in this meta. They’ll nerf its speed and damage as they conveniently release a new unique to replace it. Promise it’s nowhere near as good as OG mimus was.

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I understood he meant Galli family was probably faster for real and in the movies, so it should be in the game. Others have pointed that out around here.


Gallimimus and Proceratosaurus are OK, if you buff one and nerf the other, their hybrids may be affected as well


I have been using her on my team at the 3800 lvl and she is okay… A little too RNG dependent for my liking. She is awesome at the mid-level strike towers though, especially the last week. Have taken out every tower using only her.

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@jvpeters, you just brought up a great point that I often overlook. These dinos May work completely differently in various arenas. This is a new hybrid , but one that requires arena exclusive DNA to level, so brand new players won’t have the the option to level it but others fighting their way up from the mid to high levels would. Unless it’s been a big addition to the way your squad plays/wins, I’d humbly recommend investing time and coins to level legendaries and uniques ahead of this. Unless, of course, it makes the game more enjoyable.

I fully agree it’s a blast to do strike towers with. I like mine and consider it a fun side project to keep this grind heavy game somewhat enjoyable​:+1::sweat_smile::sob:


Yeah, she is fun to use - though I am sure she aggravates other players in PvP - I know she does when I come across her… Would be working a lot more on my legendary’s and fusing uniques, but short on coins and not buying anymore until some things in the game get fixed. So, it’s gonna be a slow grind…