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Does gen 1+ gen 2= gen 3?

Just asking i want only science answer

idk, its just a 3rd version such as the bull rex, rexy, and buck rex

there should be 3 rex gens and 4 velociraptor gens, 8 including the differences of the jw raptors

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If we are talking same dinos, like Erliko plus Erliko G2, surely we just end up with baby dinos?

Imagine a Indo Gen 3…

That horrible

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Indoraptor g3
4200 Hp
1600 attack,
129 speed
0 armor
Cautious strike,
Mutual furry,
Cautious Cleansing (Cs but 1,5 damage) (cooldown 2)
Precise shattering Rampage,
Imun to stun, distraction, and damage time over.

the eeend is near

No, gen 2+ gen 2=gen 3, according to jwtg logic, but if we got gen 3’s, I’d say they would be normal creatures, so if t rex got a gen 3, it already has an epic gen 1 and a rare gen 2, so I’d say it would gen a common gen 3, but gen 4 is the max, so I’d say you fuse all 3 together to get a gen 4


From how I’ve heard it explained, GEN 2’s are supposed to be improvements over the GEN 1. So a GEN 3 would be another improvement over GEN 2.

Although most if not all GEN 2’s are lower rarity than the GEN 1’s so I’m not sure it really follows the same logic in practice.

each gen is a bigger, badder version with more teeth. This is how gray and claire see it.