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Does grylenken is good?

Because I have enough dna to create

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Many people underestimate it, but it can be very good when used properly. You go for ES, then you spam distraction and have that SRC do it’s work and once your in 1-shot range, go for a powerful raking claws!


Hp too low in current version, it should be a great creature.

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It definitely has potential. Hopefully it’ll get buffed in 1.15. It could also get a Unique, so it’s always good to create it and get it to 20.

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Creating it: ok. but getting it to lvl 20: no, not if you don’t have Grypolyth maxed already and Grylenken doesn’t have a very good unique.

The only gripe I have about it is that its health is way too low. Otherwise it could be a good dino if used properly.

There’s no telling how good or bad the Grylenken Unique will be. There’s a chance Grylenken will be buffed, and there’s a chance that it’s Unique will be good, which is enough for me (although personally I’d unlock it even if it was bad).

It depends on personal preferences, like all shared ingredient hybrids.

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It isn’t too bad it just needs more hp.

It’s not horrible, but not good either. I feel It really needs a rework. Imo It should have sidestep instead of ES and ferocious strike instead of immobilize. A bit more HP will help too.

Thanks everyone for advice

And that’s why you don’t spend the dna and coins NOW.

Not necessarily. If you value completing the Dinodex and getting new creatures over levelling Grypolyth, you wouldn’t hesitate to level Grylenken, unless you’re out of coins of course.

Of course i created Grylenken. And i will create a unique of it. But i won’t Invest DNA and coins to Level it to 20 before it even has an unique. And unless the unique is really good i won’t Invest more DNA than necessary to create it either. Thats what i’m talking about.

Like I said, it depends on personal preferences. I level all my non-superhybrids to the minimum fusion level.