Does indotaurus need a nerf?

Hey, I’m new to the forums but I’ve been playing JWA for a decent amount of time now. I’ve been trying to see how I should boost indotaurus and then I got to thinking if they will nerf him in a future update. I wanted to see other peoples opinions so I can maybe determine what I should do.

  • Yes it does
  • No it does not

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He doesn’t. Like in phorurex chase he first seems to be overpowered but when you facing him he is actually easy to defeat. The deal is to remove its cloak or bypass it


That’s what I was thinking, on paper he seems op, but in the actual arena he’s not that hard to defeat, he’s good, but by no means overpowered


Indotaurus doesn’t need a nerf, infact it needs a buff, having no distraction resistance is just sad, would definitely give it a resistance buff.


I wouldn’t say it needs a distraction resistance since it can cleanse, but I would want it to have it stun resistance raised up to maybe 67 or 75% since it can get screwed over by stuns


I don’t have it yet, but I do agree that it is perfectly fine.


I haven’t seen enough Indotaurus to be sure. That’s probably because Scorpius is better, so everyone is going to make Scorpius instead no matter how good Indotaurus is (as long as it’s worse than Scorpius). That alone suggests it probably doesn’t need a nerf though.


Yeah, I’d say scorpius is better, but I think indotaurus is also really good thanks to revenge and greater rending counter. I have it on my team and with a crit, it can one shot most things with no rend resistance and high health. It can kill at least one creature and do a bit of damage on another before it dies


My snake beat it easily

So yes . Okay wortwortwort

It’s fine. It is situational. It can be good or it can get destroyed.

If you can hit through the cloak or remove it then it’s no problem.

It’s best used as a revenge kill. Bring it out and cloak. Your counter will likely kill your opponent. If not your next move is destroying someone’s life if they don’t remove your cloak.

I’ve brought it out and cloaked only to be 1 shot by Thor hitting through my cloak too. So you’ve got that to look forward to as well.


Yeah Scorpius isn’t bad by any means. The important thing is that as long as it’s worse, not as many people are going to be using it. The only way to change that would be to buff Indotaurus so that it’s even stronger than Scorpius, which probably shouldn’t happen. Or they could make Carnotaurus more available so players have enough DNA to reasonably make and use both.


It’s a fierce with a cleansing move, it doesn’t need distraction resistance.


And his stun resistant, it just annoying when you get stunned on cloak mode


Execuse me what?

The lack of distraction resistance, and the inability to cleanse it untill t2 (and even that t2 could be considered problematic and oppresive to cunnings) is it’s only truely exploitable weakness

(Not counting creatures without full counters as “counter attackers”) indoT has by far the highest dmg of any counter attacker, is the only creature that can casualy boost it’s greater rending counter by 2.5×, has the most hp of any counter attacker…

IndoT simply doesen’t need a buff right now


Yes for sure. Trying to collect carno dna is a pain

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Yup, couldn’t agree more

His cloak + counter could be pain sometimes but if you have a good thank in your team that can bypass doge it shouldn’t be a problem

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