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Does invincibility stop dinos that can destroy shield?

As the questions asks.

My marsupial lion had a rending takedown move against alanqa that had invincibility.

Did 0 damage. I was surprised.

Is this a bug or this is how it is. That is invincibility means invincibility.

It’s supposed to break the shield, yes. Unless your ML was double distracted? If not this is likely a bug.


I cannot remember exactly the sequence but i had been hit by alanqa 1 time (rampage or superiority). Then i went instant prowl. Alanqa put up invincibility.

I then tried to do rending takedown. It did not work.

So likely a bug. Sad as I lost that battle.

Yeah, on that case it’s indeed a bug

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Thank you for inputs @Isaah_Wii.

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Glad to help :smiley:

Times great when Ankylocodon could stop a Gorgosuchus or T Rex with short shield. hahahahahaha


Maybe Ludia secretly changed RT to SRT :rofl:

Your marsupial lion is in your profile picture. @LumberJack

That’s a cheetah. Not a lion. :grin:

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One of my favorite things in the old days lol

I love cheetahs

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It’s no bug, there are different rendig attacks,
Marsupial lion does have rendering takedown but it probably doesn’t go through shields,
Dracoceratops for example has a rendering attack that doesn’t go through shields, Grylenken is another example with a rendering counter that doesn’t go through shields.
On the other hand you have purrolyth and grypolyth who’s rendering counter can destroy shields.

I think marsupial lion’s rending is supposed to destroy shields.

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No, look, it says armor piercing and not defense shattering, the move for defense shattering render looks a bit different too

But it also says destroy shields. This is confusing.

It does break shields. I used it in a tourney. It destroyed everything.

It literally says breaks shield. How simple can it get?


Both Minor Rending Attack and Rending Takedown destroy shields.

I believe what the guy meant was the Rampage move, not Rending Attacks. True that some Rampage moves does not destroy shield, some does not go through armor and some both i.e. the one that DracoceRAT has.

How can you read that description yet ignore the first two words… Destroy shields???

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This was horrible :scream:
But I still miss these days so much (plays some nostalgic guitar solo)