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Does it justified to boost Geminititan's speed?

As title, for upper players who are currently using Gem, I just created it and I am at around 4000~ trophies.

My thought on speed boosting it, is due to I-Rex and Allosino - I still encounter them from time to time and I think it would be great to get an upper hand in some situations…But then I’m thinking, maybe these situations are so rare that it doesn’t really justify speed boosting it ? Because it will take a lot of speed boosts to counter the other speed boosted I Rex or Allosino.

For the others, Gem is innately slower so it doesn’t worth it. Besides it has slowing rampage ready on T1.

Do you speed boost it or not ?

I only took it to t1 because it outspeeds non-boosted DC’s. So they don’t get a hit off. It really has an all around kit. I am having so much fun with it.
As of now I don’t see speed as being important other then that matchup. But you may notice different situations in your trophy range. Just gotta play around and see what is needed

i see its the only in your team not lvl 30.
but if only t6 boosted is more than 10k health even at 29.

Hopefully be finished this weekend


no, noooooo…
bye, practicekat. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

isn’t diplodocus daily reward exclusive? isn’t this week last for diplo?

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It is. I can usually get 2 fuses every 3 days with the dailies and sanctuaries. It has helped a ton

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mmm, i forgot sanctuaries hahaha.

well… next week a full lvl 30 then. :clap:

maybe ludia don’t nerf any with 1.9 release.

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be aware that zBatman only need to boost 4 dinos.

its coming hahaha.

i would pay to see a challenge between @zBatman and @Idgt902

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Hello @Idgt902 , ur Gemini is a beast.

I honestly love it. It has taken some time to figure the move patterns/selection for every situation. But it definitely holds its own

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do u believe ardentismaxima would be as good if gets a little buff?

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I hope it will get 20% attack buffed- enough to kill Thor one vs one.

I just tried a couple battles where I lost to boosted Irex and Allosino…Then I said “screw it!” and dumped half of my speed boosts to it lol Hope I won’t regret that.

Don’t stand much of a chance vs him… Maybe hella good RNG and his worst possible hand. I believe he beat me with common-epics not even close to his good setup.

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