Does it looks fair to you?

Here is my team :

And here is my opponent :

And it’s like this 8/10.

I dont know why people complain about matching against stronger teams. This is a pvp game and arena is trophy based which means stronger teams and better players should be at the top. If you can beat teams that are equal to your strength your trophy count will be higher and you should matched with the players at the higher trophies(because you already defeated your equals). When you have stronger team and more skill , you should be able to beat them. This is how things should be. What do you expect? Being matched with equal level teams until you are ranked first?

Arena is a mess because of new match making. Old one was better. Leveling up dinosaurs meant something back then. They changed it because of posts like this.

If you want a equal match, play friendly battles or equal level tournaments.

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Hate to say it but I’m going to agree with the other guy. You can’t always be placed against equal teams because you would rise without having to face a challenge unless you are the top player with max level dinos you’re always going to win until you face higher-level players

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Well, I disagree because match making is NOT based on trophy count anymore. It would be fine facing stronger teams during normal progression but now people are stuck with the same trophy count for weeks or slide to lower arenas because they often face level 30 teams so chances of winning are very small.


It is based on both trophy and team strength. I agree match making should change. It is worse than before.

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I’m really tempted to post all the screenshots I’ve taken of dinosaurs 3-5 levels higher than mine that caused me to lose almost 700 trophies in one night even though “it’s based on power”


I completely agree I have to face stronger team than mines to get up, and I wasn’t complaining before about that cause I could also fight teams equal or lower than mine. Now I have lost 600 trophy since 1.8 and keep fighting against better teams. So that’s why I feel bad about that.

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If your team has some level 29’s on it, why do you think it’s not fair to be paired against 29’s and 30’s??? You’re team is so far spread in levels from 23 to 29. Remove your higher leveled creatures and form a team closer in relationship to each other. You probably won’t face that opponent afterwards.

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I think you didn’t understand what I meant actually. I’m not against playing level 30 team, I’m against the fact it’s always like this.
Anyway I tried to put a stegodeus 25 with a tragodistis 26 instead of my two 29 Dino’s for two fights it was the same team level between 28 and 30 so I lost of course.


Having one or two dinos at level 29 and the rest 26 and below shouldn’t put you in a match with people who have a squad of 28+. No doubt they were ridiculously boosted as well. My highest level dinos are 26. The rest of my squad is 23 and 22. I am routine pitted against those with boosted dinos 3 levels higher. There’s got to be a better way to match-make because the fun is completely gone when you can’t even get a strike on your opponent. :triumph:

I don’t mind playing against tougher opponents 50% of the time.
I do object to playing against tougher opponents 95% of the time… and that is not an exaggeration.

I do not have a single unique yet. My highest team member is a level 21 legendary. Everything else is lower (17-20). This morning I played my first six matches against two players with level 23 boosted Thors, four with Level 22 Indoraptors, three with Level 23-25 boosted legendaries, and so on. Every single opponent had a trophy count of 250-450 points above mine.

I object to ONLY getting opponents who field teams that are way above me and losing 6 matches just to win one 15 minute incubator. In a fair matchmaking system I should get as many opponents who are better than me as opponents that are worse than me. That isn’t happening right now.


My team

Puts me kinda high as I had indo instead of erlikospyx. So I changed 4 levels lower. And I’m only facing this, falling out of Lockwood soon:

I allways face enemy’s with 500+ trophy’s more…so where should this be based on both??? This game is broke… now everything suck…spawns are bad…matchmaking is bad…I was a first day player with 8h+ playtime…now I open the game see the map and instantly close the game…also canceled vip…really atm there is no more reason to play…

Do you think it might be because they have absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning?
A reasonably fair matchmaking system will give both players a chance to win. The winner of such a match up will feel happy that their skill as worthy of the win, and the loser will feel unlucky but will want to try again.
When the opponent has Dinos equally as boosted, but three or four levels higher there is just a feeling of anger towards a system that allows this. And the winner will just feel sorry for the opponent knowing full well they had a lucky break to face someone they clearly shouldn’t have been matched with.
I, like so many others, have still not made my way back up to where I was before matchmaking changed. I feel like it’s a waste of time to try and get back up, as every time I get close I have a run of losses to vastly higher opponents.

FYI - you can’t really go by the trophy count you see for the opponent anymore, since this is simply their high score, and not their present trophy count. The high score may be 400 trophies above you, but in reality, they may be 100 trophies below you at the time you fight them.

I personally think it’s Ludia’s way of making their matchmaking that much more mysterious and easily hidden.

For example - here’s me…

350 trophy difference!

Tuco, that’s spot on.
Ludia say that they did this to allow the player to keep their highest trophy score until the month long tournament is over.
The reality is that so many players have dropped hundreds and hundreds of trophies because of this new algorithm.
And furthermore, when you look at the player that just wiped the floor with you, you have no idea what their real trophy count is.
So many alliances still have players on 0 trophies. Why? because those players won’t be a part of a matchmaking system that’s so bad.