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Does it Pay to Further Level Up


A velociraptor past level 20? Or is it better to keep all DNA at that point for irex and indo fuses?

Fastest dino, great pounce… great dino to start with, swap out and bring back in for another great hit or if they don’t get slowed… great couple hit wonder… the low HP is what gets less love…

Currently have a level 20 and sitting on almost 80k dna… currently not enough trex to fuse with…


I wouldnt bother personally. Indo takes 2k raptor per fuse. That 80k will be depleted pretty quick! Not to mention Erlidom and Indom.


Great dino to be one shot by a draco gen 2 swap in ability.

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Glass cannon.


Definitely not. It’s the best possible way of wasting your coins, DNA and your time.

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Whether or not it’s a good idea, I’ve run into more than a good handful of 20+ Velociraptors in just the past two weeks.

Someone’s not saving their DNA for hybrids!


I would say not in the case of Velo but there are some that are worthwhile IMHO - Utasinoraptor being one - battled a few higher level ones and they are nasty!


Nope. Velociraptor loses it’s viability after a certain level you seldom see them past L20, if you do they’re not very effective and easily countered at that meta, it’s a very good early-game noob-o-saur tho.

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noob-o-saur :laughing:


Yeah, the one every noob goes for, levels up, and spams repetitively - which is later upgraded to the RNG-o-saurs which are usually played equally noobishly.


rng-o-saurs :rofl:

So what do you call Dracorex G2?



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Broken and being exploited for short-term gains.

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Thanks for the answers everyone! Will keep her at a level 20…