Does Lethal Wound apply the correct DoT?

I was playing in the tournament and it was suchomimus vs irritator Gen 2. The irritator Gen 2’s Hp had been reduced to 2100, and he went ferocious strike and I went lethal wound. He didn’t kill me, so I got the dot on him. He was now down to 1100 HP, which is a perfect 1/3 or 33.4% of his total HP (3300), but the DoT applied 1,103. Why? The numbers do not add up here. Lethal wound does 33.4% DoT of Max HP, aka 1/3, or around that (to the nearest decimal). So, when you do the math (.334x3300), you get 1,102.2. This is pretty close to 1,103, but it’s still not quite 1/3. And yes, I understand that a third of a number that is not a multiplier of 3 will not be an even 3rd, but 3300 is a perfect multiplier of 3, so why not make it a round 1100?

Please tell me if my math is wrong or something else is.

3300 is definitely a perfect multiplier but 100 is not.