Does Lovelink need another writer?

I know a lot of the characters stories ave stopped. Not ended, just stopped. If the team needs a story writer, I’d like to apply. I love the game and characters and don’t want the app to die.


Same… I’m a published author and would love to apply to write for the app! Ludia, hit me up lol :kissing_heart:

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I think they currently have 5 script writers. If you check the credits in settings you can see everyone involved. They have a pretty large team.

I write too so I’ll throw my hat in, but I doubt it’s the lack of writers that’s causing the delays. More, what’s involved in the technical side of developing an app, I guess.

I agree with Karina_D with the wait times between updates and any delays being more likely on the programming side. Especially considering they need to bug check to prevent what errors they’re able to and code the branching and flow of dialogue and dates and such. I bet if they need more writers though they may have an application page or something on their company’s and/or app’s site perhaps.

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I was wondering this too with the complaints that matches have just dropped off.

Id be keen to help out if you guys need help :smiley:

I don’t think it’s the writing as more so the coding for the app. There’s a lot that goes into coding for the littlest things. Although if they do need more writers I’d gladly toss my name into the hat, I do have writing experience as a published author. As for the coding, I can’t help there since it’s been way too long since I learned a small fraction of coding.

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Oh! I’ve been writing interactive stories for over a year now. It’d be amazing to have the opportunity to join the Lovelink team.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: