Does ludia care about arena cheaters?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • No.
  • Heck no!
  • They don’t seem to.
  • It doesn’t appear so.
  • Clearly not.
  • That’s a hard no.
  • I’m not sure.

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They care about the legits instead

They don’t and won’t even deal with the obvious cases that are reported.
Anyway…they won’t be giving permanent bans, so even when if they do something it won’t be enough.


How are people cheating in the arena? I’ve just been playing in it and guess I haven’t seen or noticed how you could…

They cheat in attack, no matter how crap their team is, they always win and you do 0 damage to their dragons.

Gotcha. I have wonder at some of the defeats that I’ve taken on how their team could have taken out mine… I know that the whispering death dragon is over strong in my opinion and knocks out way stronger teams. I know I don’t battle anyone if the 5 star whispering death is one of the first three dragons.

@TalynTU Are you in the Titan Uprising Discord?

Still full of cheaters.
They don’t care.
I only log on to do Alphas these days because of this.

I started Discord for my clan, but only two others decided to join, so it never went much farther. Lol

Well they may be trying to do something about this but still is trying to think of a better way. I still want to believe in them. And I kind of doubt that there are also some bugs about arena log that makes it hard to tell a cheater from a legit player.

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We all know who the cheaters are and wonder if anyone here know them or is in the same clan with them. If so, have you ever talked to them? This is such a small community.

Maybe they are in a clan full of cheaters, so no one know what clan they belong.

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That’s a good one! They are never here. Wonder if they are created by Ludia to mess with us.

Calling out a cheater but is using mythic murmurquill and gritty sawmaw the 2 most broken dragons in the game that half this forum complains about

They csnt even fix those bugs !!What can we expect them to solve this hacker issue?

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Bringing this back up because I got hit by a few questionable players today and yesterday. Did the wrongfully banned folks ever get their accounts back?

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Some great and decent players in my clan have quit the game. Partly to due the ridiculous bans.

It didn’t get better in Arena. I still have to face those “cheaters” who might just have been those playing with a weird device or game version that causes visual bugs, or worse. But this should be an easy fix and taken into account when Arena is first designed.

Don’t expect too much from Ludia then is the lesson I learned.


Is it possible?

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@Stormchaser2 Some of them did, with the cheater flags removed from their IDs. No compensation for the loses and the stress the false bans put them through was provided.

@Fblorenzo_Udoh I don’t think it’s possible, no. Can either be a cheater or a bug.

This game still needs a lot of innovations to ensure fair play for all.