Does ludia decrease the spawn of certian rares and epic that you need for legendaries


Ok im trying to get two legendary hybrids indominus and stegodeus and when i was close to creating indominus i never see t rex anymore and i now have 140 for stegodeus and im worried that nodasaurus will stop spawning and i dont have data i use local wifi places but it spawns so often im worry that the same this will happen to nodasaurus did this happpe. To you when you were getting you legendary hybrid ingredients can if so i’ll never get a legendary :confounded: Ludia just throw me a bone


@Alex_Nolin do u do the Strike events? Your guaranteed at least 18 T-Rex DNA when u complete it. You may even get more than 18. I got 80 in mine!!!:grin: I’m in the same situation trying to level my Indominus to 17 and create my Stegodeus.


All the ingredients have been appearing at a reasonable rate for me.


I have never noticed this.


I think they drop thw spawn rates for important rares and epics and up the usseles ones, after hours playing in a dilophosaurus rare zone only managed to see 1, meanwhile sae tons of others usseles rares


I live in zone 1 and have only seen one dilophosaurus in these past few days… It’s been edmontosaurus central. Utahs and nodos are literally everywhere too.


Im only worried that nodos spawn rates will drop


My area used to be insane with Einasaurus and nundasuchus! I would go out and have 3 spawn right in front of me! One day I counted getting 20 Einasurus in a 1 hour period! Rares and Epics were extremely rare in my area.

After the migration and update now all I see are apatosaurus and triceratop gen 2 which I have thousands of dna for as well as a couple more like iguandon (also tons of dna)

The only good thing is I am getting different Rares appearing ( none I need) and occasional Epic ( also that I don’t need)

So it gives me hope that I may see ones I do need!


Yeah but nodos spawn quite frequently here and im worried that ludia will rig it so barely none will spawn cause im getting close to stegodeus in only worried about nodosaurus nothing else