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Does megalosaurus actually work in skill tournaments?

I the most recent skill tournament i got bored. It was the same thing over and over again. I brought out something, they brought out a turtle. I bring a counter for the turtle they bring a counter to that. Then i realized(wait, i don’t really care about boosts.) So i just experimented with different dinos i never use in other tournaments. I made an entire team of counter attackers. Among them was megalosaurus. It actually turned out to be really usefull in some situations. Its actually really good at killing mammoths. What other dinos have you guys used that were unexpectedly good?

I lost my diplodocus to a megalosaurus. I just leveled mine up to level 22 today for the tournament Friday because I feel people sleep on it. I say the decel counter is a major buff for it. Allows it to set up with a ferocious strike then short defense. Another good creature that’s random is scaph. Bleed is based on their hp, and then I just regen and swoop. Also has decent hp

Megalosaurus is very good. It’ll go 50/50 against Mammoth and Allo2. It’ll 100% beat several other top tier creatures. It only really loses to the turtles.

It was my surprise oddball that did great. Purussaurus and Proceratosaurus were also very good

Never encountered a megalo, but the terror of marsupial lion made me switch out my turtles for 2 speedsters. I chose Smilodon, which isn’t too unconventional, and Proceratosaurus, the latter of which being more of an experiment.

She turned out to be a terror. Could easily dispatch lion, mammoth, allo2, pachy, snake, and rex. What she couldn’t kill she could slow or distract pre death, making is basically fodder.

I thought about procerato, but there were a couple postosuchuses by me, so procerato was a no go unfortunately.

Yeah, she’s good against a lot of things but I can see how people might be deterred from her due to her weaknesses. Gets wrecked by Blue, Posto and Ornitho, mainly. Sino can also swap in and kill/cripple it, she doesn’t have enough firepower to take out Maia or Diplod, and you as well just close the app if you only have her left as a fighting option and a turtle rolls up. I did overall enjoy my time with her, and the joy of encountering an overlooked dino and actually having it kick butt was cathartic.

I was also deterred to use carbo. People were using allo, diplo, mammoth, seco, and, the best creature in the tournament, marsupial lion.

I started with both turtles on my team, and finished with none. They are just so utterly helpless against the top tier tank busters it wasn’t worth the hassle, even with marsupial lion requiring the use of at least one, preferably 2-3, speedsters.

Marsupial lion is just unmatched by so many good creatures. Creatures like ornith, which does tons of damage and can dodge and distract, suffered from that counter, as did so many others. By far the best creature in the tournament.
So @Gojiraptor, Marsupial Lion is another good one if you can spare the DNA

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Before Mammoth got nerfed, Alanqa was surprisingly good. It also deals a surprising amount of damage to turtle (before nerf!).