Does My Team Need Improvements?

Im wondering if i need any one removed on my team. (i cannot provide pictures)
So my team is this Thoradolosaur, Trykosaurus, Erlidom, Tenonotorex, Phorurex, Magnapyritor, Testacornibus, and Indoraptor… Im working on ardentismaxima and will remove indoraptor from my team when i get him… Does my team seem pretty solid?

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If possible replace erlidom with erlicospyx if possible keep tenontorex testa thorodolasuar and tryko boost hp stats for thorodolasuar and speed for testa then use attack on tryko


Thanks for the tips:)

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If you have a Spinocon I would recommend using that over mana

im like one fuse away from spino so ill do that :slight_smile:

Good job