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Does poison stack?

I’ve been curious if poison stacks

The changewing ability poison stacks with other dragons that deal damage over time, but they do not stack with each other. However it isn’t really too much of a problem having two on a team unless you are fighting an alpha, because they all only target one enemy at a time, you can target a different enemy with the poison if one already has it.
Ps. Make sure you are also bringing a dragon on your team that deals damage over time to take full advantage of the poison!

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Ahh alright thanks, I was just curious since most of my dragons are dot

Wait, so only the specific dragons can stack poison? Not all in general?

Yeah if you have two (or more)dragons that deal damage over time on your team in a battle, and they both deal damage to all of the enemies (it doesn’t matter as much if they both only damage one dragon because like I said in my other reply, you can tap a different dragon to target for each ability ), you might want to think about switching one of the damage over time dragons out…Because if you use both of the damage over time dragons spirit abilities at the same time or before the other one completes, the first one’s debuff will be overwitten with the spirit ability you used second.
That is the advantage changewings Poison has, is they have a debuff that does stack, and actually enhances the damage over time if they are both on at the same time. So you would usually want to use your changewings ability first on a dragon, and then the damage over time dragon.
A little tip to to avoid using dragons which abilities overwrite each other is by looking at the symbols to the left of a dragons ability description and try to not have dragons that have the same symbols reoccurring on a team if they both mean to leave that effect on a dragon over time.

The stuff I circled has a chance to overwrite if you have multiple dragons with those symbols (Although it’s highly unlikely that nurture or taunt will be overwritten since only one dragon can do each of those lol)