Does putting a lower lvl Dino on your team work?

Does putting an extremely lower Dino on your team help with matchmaking? I’m not trying to clobber people but my team has a pretty big lvl spread & don’t have the dna to fix it right now. Just looking for a way to not get paired as often with teams that are grossly more powerful than mine.

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I tried lowering my entire team average, and I jumped about 200 trophies in one day. The next day I got kicked back down about 200 trophies. I replaced my other creatures and now I’m up about 250. The trick? I bought more boosts. Really makes me sad to see dinosaurs that are 3 levels below mine beating me left and right.

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I have a highly boosted team and i still fight the people who run level 11 bleeders. It doesn’t save them from fighting the heavy teams. It can work if you have enough low levels but 1 or 2 might not be enough to throw it off.

How low do you think I need to go? I have a lvl 26 rare(diplotater), lvl 25 Thor. The rest are 22-23. Leveled Thor & the rare right after matchmaking changed & kicking myself bad for doing it. Most are boosted 5/5/5. Working on erlikspyx & tryko now but still a ways off. Not sure if I should take the diplotater off but he is doing really well on my team for now. Could add a low lvl Dino & just hope I don’t need a fourth Dino when I get him on my team.

I have never fought a Diplotator where I’m at in the arena. Some dinos work well for the moment but will eventually become obsolete. If end game dinos are something you’re working toward, I would stop boosting Diplo. Erlispy and Tryko are both amazing dinos. It’s hard to say what will work these days. I mean, Diplo can be crazy with the right boosts, as anything can, but it will fall short when compared to better dinos with the same boosts. I’ve always gone with the strategy of using whatever I can level the easiest and just keep working on the better dinos until they’re ready. But with boosts now, it’s hard to plan like that. You’ll suffer if you don’t boost and you’ll regret it later if you boost the wrong dinos. It’s such a mess right now. I have so many good dinos at high levels that can’t even be used.


I understand it’s hard to pin down, but what about the amount of trophies they gain/lose when battling you?

I put a couple low level bleeders on my team and I’m definitely not doing worse than before.

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I’m loosing 30-36 & gaining 26-28 most battles. That paired with almost always being paired with more powerful teams is just keeping me in the same place +/- a few hundred trophies. Sitting at 4200 now.

Thanks for the advice. I knew diplotater wouldn’t be end game but didn’t think leveling him would hurt me until matchmaking changed. I think I may pull him off & replace him with a lvl closer to the rest of my team & add a low lvl bleeder. May have to waste some boosts but it’s better than being stagnant. Not in a particular hurry to get to the top but a little progression would be nice for the hours a day I spend on this game lol.


No prob, hopefully it helps a little. I’m not very good at giving team advice because my team barely ever changes so I’m used to using the same dinos all the time. It’s all i know.

I checked a recent video and i got 23 trophies for beating a team like that. Honestly, i think trophies are still solely determined by how much each player has currently. I don’t think team level/strength plays any role in it. If i fight someone like KingDreadnaught, I’ll get 40 or close to 40 for a win because he’s consistently high ranked. Not just high score, but current trophy count too. He only gets 20 for beating me though. Our boosts and team strength can’t be that different because I’ve never missed a boost sale or dbi. So I’ve gotta be on the high end of boosts. If it went by team strength and level, plus current trophies, KingD would be able to get more than 20 out of me when he wins. It’s always 20 though. Until i can climb higher, at least.


Good to know, thanks. Going to play around with it & hope I don’t loose too many trophies or boosts in the process lol.

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That’s the problem of boosts. Without boosts, there are many different dinos we can use in the arena, we may see a large variety of dinos. Now people apply the boosts to their teams, so they will just stick to those dinos. Ludia always says that they encourage us to use differnet dinos, but they make boosts which discourage us to use other dinos.

I doubt it will make a really big difference, but the Suchotator’s my favorite underleveled champion if you want to experiment with it

I did try taking diplotater off & putting monostegotops on at lvl 21. Boosted 5/5/5. Also put a lvl 16 swap in bleeder. Not boosted. It is fixing matchups. I’m not getting many matches above my highest lvl Dino & trophy loss/gain seems more fair. It is however terrible when I get my bleeder & Draco on the same team. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone trying to “trick” matchmaking into easy opponents but it may work for people working on rebalancing their team lvls.