Does Ref need a nerf?

Which lux?

The new meta nerfed pooh and a-lux already, quite a bit.

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From my experience using and facing Ref in the arena, I feel it may be a bit too strong. Even when unboosted it’s still very powerful. I don’t want it to be nerfed to the ground though. If I had to tweak it, I’d say it should loose a little bit of HP. 4500 should be fine, especially since Ref has a lot of damage reduction abilities to keep itself alive.


2 words. skoona and testa, with that you can counter it.

but honestly man it has only past 2 days since the update and You are asking it to be nerfed after a buff everyone wanted, just wait 2 months and then ask again pal.


That’s the way every game with a PvP element works. Try to equalize every class, dino, whatever and regardless, some will rise to the top. It’s almost impossible not to have such a scenario when creating hundreds of similar but different dinos. People will suss out the best combinations for their teams.

And the logic of not pouring boosts into the current crop of ‘best’ dinos means… you’ll never boost anything at all.


Track the top 100 teams from any tournament and you’re going to see pretty much, the same ‘meta’ teams. Perhaps they all decided it was better to build the dinos than complain about getting beaten by them?

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Super distraction needs one turn delay and its HP needs to be way lower.


I’m just saying, why would a cunning creature need the possibility of having almost as much hp as a SKOONA.


Lol but you are…

You can say the same about Indot then

Yep 100% it will be nerfed once everyones used their tokens

What you say is not real, not all people have the facility to build certain creatures, because we are talking about an Apex that is exclusive to a raid and not everyone has the opportunity to obtain it.

The bleeders don’t have much attack, the Refrenantem is the only creature that can bleed that has a base damage that is not necessary, 1600 attack and 4800 defense, it seems too much to me, Ludia would have to review his statistics and adjust his kit .

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Don’t forget stun, distraction, and priority.

It’s one of the easier Apex raids with teams of people running it every week. Find a group on Discord and hop into a raid. Accessible to everyone, which means, everyone can build it. Granted, you will be behind the curve but who isn’t that hasn’t been playing this game for 3+ years.

If you still want it nerfed after putting the time and boosts into making it better… more power to you.


The lack of a good turn 1 was the reason It was bad in the first place, so i think the change to super distraction was a good buff. Now It has an impact with priority available turn 1, while strong, that in itself is not enough to make It broken imo. But they certainly did overdo It with the hp, especially since it’s a cunning that have all of its moves inflict distraction.


Seconded. Having a bad turn 1 is what actually makes a lot of creatures bad (many of the “buff and stuff” dinos like Baryonyx and Co. also fall here), and with this buff they gave Ref an AMAZING turn 1 with distraction, stun, DoT, an impact and priority, followed up by Cunning Rampage.

Everything except the health buff I think was a good idea. Ref didn’t need the health nearly as much, especially with all the distraction in its kit.


Yes SD isnt the problem, it’s only the Hp that doesnt make any sense for a cunning, 4200 is already good, 4350-4500 is the max hp for cunning imo.


Top 100 is not any kind of symbolism for meta.

Top 50.000 are the meta. Players stuck with dinos, coins, lost interest and boosts on dinos with Power Creep!

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Yeah, I agree. If you think about it carefully, Refren is a much weaker version of Phorurex before last patch. It is not a broken first turn as the chicken was. Tweaking its bulk is probably enough to balance it down a little bit.

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