Does secret room only have common gear?

No. But clearing exploration nodes increases the rewards from the secret room, increasing the chances of better cards (because more cards are given)

Do not think clearing explore areas effects this. I am all lvl 8 and 9, cleared to the third section of heartcoil deeps and still get almost exclusively common out of secret rooms. Once out of every 10 or so I pull a rare. :frowning:

Secret room rewards seem to have been turned down, especially the ones on explore mode. They used to be quite rewarding, but now mostly common, and maybe a couple of rare cards.

He is correct though that the further you are in explore mode, the more gold and cards you get, so a slightly better chance of better cards.

In the 4 months I’ve been playing I think I’ve gotten an epic about 2 times from a hidden room. So yeah, very unusual to get anything more than commons.

It’s almost all common gear and gold for me. But right when I was about to gripe about this on the forums, I hit these 2 secret rooms one after the other.


Never anything close to these two rewards since then. But Calliope and Farideh sure were happy about these two.


Wow. I’ve never gotten a legendary in secret rooms, did t know if that one was possible